Friday, December 12, 2008

Pretty much moved in

Well last week I unpacked the final box in our latest move. We fit quite well, with a little room to spare. That is because we have our office furniture, the boys train table, my rocker and about 15 boxes in storage which should come out as soon as we finish a few of the remodeling projects here. We still have to put the shelves into place and put up our camping stuff and Matt's tools. That is a task for this weekend. We started some remodeling, but hit a snag when I messed with the main breaker of the house, and found out there was too much stuff on the breaker we were adding the plugs to, to put up the Christmas lights. So as you can see we are excited to be able to start this project and hopefully when we get the new main in things will go a little better. LOL.

We are getting ready for our trip next week and hoping the weather will cooperate with us next week. The kids have been on foggy delay schedule or school canceled due to the fog all week long. It has been soooooo nice to sleep in a little. It has been fun to watch the kids look out side to see how much the visibility is. We usually start out in the morning barely able to see across the street, and by the afternoon we can see about 2 blocks and then night fall it starts to come back in.

On Tuesday was Erin and Erik's Christmas Choir Concert and pictures. They did really well and sang great. The kids looked like they were having so much fun too. The kids were also able to visit their old classes and teachers. Erik came up with a great idea of becoming the class pen pal, so it is going to be really neat to keep up with his class.

Both Matt and I have new callings in our ward and we will be spending a lot more time together. Matt is the Cub Master and I am the Webelos leader. Erik is almost done with his Bear and should have that before his birthday. He really loves being a cubscout. We are waiting till we get back to sign him up for gymnastics in Visalia because we are going to be gone for till then. He is thrilled to have another boy in his primary class that does gymnastics too. They are always doing tricks together. Erin is really enjoying Achievement Day's and has also signed up to play basketball at school. Mike is thrilled to be going to all day kindergarten. He feels like a big kid now. Danny is absolutely loving it at home all by himself and in January he is starting speech once a week.

Sorry this is a long one but I haven't blogged in forever and just wanted to catch everyone up on the goings on around here. So I will stop here and probably add more tomorrow to catch up on more things going on. :)


Tara Brooks said...

So glad you posted! I've missed you. I know we've spoken a couple times, but I always miss your posts.

Shannon said...

can I get your address please!