Saturday, April 21, 2012

Back in the Saddle again

I can't believe it has been a whole year and then some since I have posted on my blog. The funny thing is I continue to look at all of my friends blogs and it is funny to notice a decline in thier blogs also...facebook I think has taken over and it has become instant gratification of getting the stuff we want people to know quickly with out having to know the http address and passwords and all of that. But I have come to realize I really was using this as journal and keeping my life at least in some type of timeline that I could look back and remember hey we really did exist and there are pictures and stories to prove it. A lot has happened too, holy cow. We have moved several times since last year, finally ending up now North of Houston, TX. We finallized the adoption of Gage, and also the adoption of his baby sister, Emma Leigh Poole. We were sealed in the Dallas Temple August 6th! Michael was baptized on the 5th, and it was an incredable weekend. Life is moving by so fast, but we are enjoying every minute of it. Tara took pictures and I have to find them so I can link it with this post. In the year we have had some eventful moments. Big ones besides the adoption, Gage was in the hospital for a burn on his left leg that he got when he turned the hot water on while he was sitting in the sink waiting for a bath. It was very scary and we didn't realize how hot tap water really turn down those gas water heaters to a safe temperature. Lesson learned. We also moved 4 times in 5 months. Yeah really!!! We had to move the first time because of the adoption process, needing so many square feet per child and so we found a house in Tulare (which took us FOREVER to find) and shortly after we moved in and had the inspection from child services (which would not have been accomplished thanks to my parents, sister and the hamiltons, myers, and smiths)we found out that the house was being forclosed on. We spoke with a lawyer and moved, due to all of the issues, luckly across from the lawyers office was a property management office, and we found a new home to move to. Yeah we were sweating bullets wondering where we were going to live with 6 kids and a dog!! STRESS! We moved in and LOVED THE HOUSE, except for the no internet...but oh well. Three months later Matt receives some really good news and gets a new position in Canrig and we are off to Houston. Yeah it was fast...but I know that it was worth it. Michael got his first set of stitches, 4 of them...from jumping on a trampoline with his brother Erik. LOL. Erin is loving high school, glad to be back in choir and has found out they have a vet program at school, yeah she is signed up already for them! She also is wanting to start violin lessons, which I am really exited about, FINALLY someone who wants to play and instrument! Such a cutie! Erik is loving Jr. High, still trying to get involved and settled. Mike loves his class, but the funny thing is everyone is about his height now so he doesn't feel like a giant! Danny has an awesome teacher and has totally blossomed in this class. He is excelling at everything. Gage has found TV and love Little Einstines (UGH!) And Emma is as cute as can be and loves playing with stuffed animals and playing with her older brothers and sister. Definately a Daddy's girl too. Poor little thing got six shots the other day to finally catch up on all of her immunizations. We are going to have to take Gage in to and ENT office for his ears. See how that goes. Well I am off for now, and I will be posting more, especially to keep family updated and involved in our lives since I tend to forget to say everything we are up too. LOL.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Erik's 12th Birthday!!

So it has been a great birthday for Erik! He was ordained a deacon and also went to the coast with some friends to celebrate!! Here are some pics from each event!!

Erik's Broken Arm

Well it has finally happened. We have our first broken bone!! He was skateboarding with our puppy Tank and there was a stray dog...and so as anyone can guess. Visuals I am sure are going through all of your minds!! So here are the pics!!

Monday, October 4, 2010


I thought I would write a few things that have gone on since is life changing for us. We visited Texas in July and while there found out some interesting information about my cousins newest grandson. He asked us to call a social worker for the Chickasaw Nation about him. We found out he was currently in foster care and that the parents were having issues with following through with the judges orders to work on a program to have him returned to them, and that their rights were being terminated. The mother had lost three of her older children and they were adopted by her aunt. The father this was his first child, so the judge was giving them both a chance to see if they could make it work. The social worker informed us at this time that they were looking for a family member to be able to take the child that fit the requirements under regulations of the tribe. Well we have him now. His name is Lewis Gage Teves Poole, so here is our newest member of our family!!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Egg Sandwich

Ok, just a funny for the day. We were sitting watching Sponge Bob Square Pants, and Danny says I want an egg sandwich. (We had them for dinner last night) So I said sure, he goes into the kitchen and a couple seconds later comes back with two pieces of bread with a lump in it. I am looking at this sandwich and thinking why did he glob it all in the middle...then looking at it a little closer...why is it shaped like that...Danny let me see your sandwich...HaHAHAHAHAHAH!!! Yeah the kid put a raw egg in between two pieces of bread. Well mom it is an EGG sandwich!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

We are in TEXAS!!

Well from the last post things are still interesting. Summer is going to be SHORT this year but jam packed full of fun. We just finish Cub Scout Day camp and it was a blast. I can't thank Anna Myers enough for stepping up to the plate and helping out. Also my wonderful Husband for being so patient with me and my new JOB as it were for the last month, and then my poor kiddos. Big kudos to Erin for helping take care of Mike during day camp because he was not feeling so well. He did finally get to go the last day and be a TIGER CUB!! His biggest dream!! (As a real 7 year old now!) Yup he is officially 7! He had his requested birthday party at Aunt Alene's from January. Such a cute kid.

We are in Texas visiting everyone here. I drove out with my cousin and we made several stops along the way. We got to visit with Taryn and see her beautiful new engagement ring. YUP, that is right folks, Taryn is gettin' hitched!! Nate asked her at the end of May and the date is going to probably be May 28, 2010...Yippeeee!!! I am so excited. We then pulled into the Arney's home in Weatherford, OK and hung out by the gorgeous coy pond, Bill built. It was so peaceful. We then headed down to my other cousin's house in Ada, OK and hung out with his kids and grandchildren. (they are so cute.) And left his brother there with him to stay the week to visit. The kids and I then headed to Little Elm, TX. Yeah!!

Then on Saturday, Marcy, Tara and I headed up to Kansas, to drop Tara off at Heathers and have a Lia Sophia Party there. HOLY COW, the party was good, but the fondue that Heather put together, YUM!!! Then Marcy and I took off in the morning and headed up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for our Lia Sophia Conference. Breakfast at Pandera's never again just ask Marcy. Anywho back to Milwaukee...OH WOW!! So much fun. Kami I owe ya big time for making sure I went, it was soo worth it. We had so much fun, pictures will follow. We headed home, stopped at Heather's for a minute and had some awesome chicken sandwiches. Laughed pretty much the entire way home, yeah so entertaining. So now we are back in Texas to enjoy the 4th, and some great times with the fam! Can't wait to update with the rest.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh how time flys

I did not realize that it has been THREE MONTHS since I last posted. We are just havin' way to much FUN!! Things have been really good, and can't wait for spring break this next week. We are going camping at the coastal redwoods, which happen to be the tallest redwoods, the fatest are up in sequoia national park. Updates on everything: Matt got to drive his DREAM yes he will probably be getting one soon...heaven help me!! I had a mini stroke on Feb 24th, cause by a migraine, and the doctors also think stress. It has been an interesting recovery which is still ongoing. I also started a new business LIA SOPHIA in January. Really excited about it! Jewelry is so much fun! Erin got new glasses this last week finally, and played basketball on the church team. AND holy cow is she good and has very natural talent!! Erik recieved his Arrow of Light and graduated (crossed over) for scouts, which Grandma Poole was able to be here for that thanks to my little incident. Michael is doing great in school and also recieved the Student of the Month for Tipton Elementary (which is huge)and gearing up for baseball. Totally practicing everyday!! Daniel is having so much fun in school and is excelling. He is still hooked on transformers and is a daily question of when he is going to get more. We have a new guest in our house, my cousin Scott has kinda moved in with us and helping me out with things. It is kinda funny how that all worked out. But our main project right now is a 1973 trailer that we bought from my cousin Rachels boyfriend Ken. We absolutely love it! It needed some repairs and updating so it has become quite a fun little project. Can't wait to be able to use it!! Thanks again Ken you are soooo cool! Also we are working on the house to get it ready to sell here in CA, our current project is the back patio!! Yeah!