Monday, March 31, 2008

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Yeah I suck! I am really slow but here you try and see if you can do a whole lot better than me.

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Offical Soccer Mom

Well it is official, I am a soccer mom. It is so interesting the all of the planning that goes into being one. Making sure everyone gets to practice, games, and keeping up with all of the other stuff. Then Saturday...holy cow. When I signed the kids up I thought it would be all intercollegiate, I didn't realize it was a traveling team!!! So each of the kids are in different cities at different times. Michael's games are a little easier because they are all at a specific time, but on different days of the week, so once again coordinating rides, schedules and snacks. They are having fun, which is what it is all about.

Stats from Saturdays game:

Erik's first game they won 7-0 and Erik made one goal. He played all of the different positions. Second game they won 7-4, and Erik made one goal for the other team. LOL, he was playing goalie and was backing up to kick the ball and he stepped over the line before kicking the ball with out realizing it. Poor guy didn't have a clue what he did wrong (neither did anyone else till the ref explained it) But they did play really well and had a blast.

Erin's first game they lost 1-3, but they played really well. The girls had so much fun just learning how to play. Her second game was cancelled, but rescheduled for this Tuesday.

Mike's first game is tonight!! How he has been carrying on you would think he is having a HUGE game...professional soccer championship (he refused to take his new soccer cleats on Saturday and wore his jersey all weekend) I had to bribe him to get it off him to wash it for tonight. LOL

The slide show also has some really good friends of our from Colorado that used to live in Little Elm. They are such an awesome family and we were so glad that they were able to stop by and see us. We ate lunch at Braums and headed out to lake Hefner for the kids to get all of that EXTRA energy out. It was really windy so it was cold, which the day before it was upper 80's so quite a contrast. We got some really cute shots of them. And Conner took some really good pics of us older kids!! They moved up to Colorado about 2 years ago so it was really neat to see the younger two. They are such cuties and have sure grown a lot since we last saw them.

April Fool's is tomorrow and thanks to Tara I have a great plan in place for tricky meals tomorrow. It should be fun and I promise to take pictures of it. By the way some of our family pictures that Tara took are on her blog at I should be picking up the disk this weekend so I will be able to add some of the others that were not posted. Yeah and don't laugh at the one of me upside down...I was having fun...and Tara did it too, she just didn't post it. Hmmm I wonder why.

We also had some fun weather last night while the Arney's were over for dinner. We had hail the size of quarters and lots of it. The pictures turned out really cool. So if you are wondering that is why I have two slide shows this time. Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Egg Wars

We had a really great Easter this year. We had some friends visit from Texas and really enjoyed the fun commercial side of Easter and the spiritual side. We did so many things and really enjoyed each others company.

They came Friday around noon so the first field trip was off to Carl's Jr's. YUMMMM! We went to the park afterwards and enjoyed doing silly stuff. Matt was actually off for the weekend so it was so much fun being all together. We then went BOWLING!!! Yup and Tara kicked our butts to the curb!! She has picture proof of this...I didn't bring my camera. The "Big" kids had their own lane and had a great game too. Danny and I took a sliding trip down the lane and ate wood! Man I totally forgot how slick those lanes are. It was totally funny, just ask the ones laughing at us!

Saturday-We had easter themed breakfast with multi colored pancakes. Forgot to take pictures again (of course) but they were pink, yellow, green, and blue. They really turned out really cute. We took family pictures and did an Easter Egg hunt at a local church. Our friends oldest daughter actually one a big prize of a digital camera (funny since her mom is a photographer). The kids were so cute finding eggs and they all did really well. Lots of candy, which adds sooooooooo much energy to a house full of 9 kids!! After pictures we went to CJ's again and it was so good! I can't get enough of the place and glad they feel the same way, I guess it just runs in the CA girls blood. LOL. For dinner we hit an awesome place called Jiggs for dinner. The meat just melts in your mouth. My dad's deep pit now has some real competition. We decorated eggs after dinner, Tara is going to have to post those pictures, but I guess you can get an idea of what they ended up as from the pictures. But she has the actual process. For dessert Tara made an awesome cookie, sour cream, cream cheese, strawberry, mandarin orange, and chocolate dessert, oh so fat and full after dinner!! We then made the Easter cookies with the kids (which didn't turn out very well, they were flat, but hollow, so it kind of worked, didn't mix it long enough, the guys were complaining about the noise)

Sunday was the best. We went to church, and really enjoyed the talks and lessons. I did my lesson for my kids on the 12 Easter Egg Story, thanks Aunt Marcy for getting me the info again. I still can't find my other one...but it was really fun teaching the lesson. The older kids really enjoyed going on a actual "Easter Egg Hunt". Even when they are teenagers it helped to have something different on the story of Easter. They gave beautiful testimonies of their faith in Christ at the end. We came home after church and the Easter Bunny left a note for the kids for an Treasure Hunt for their Easter Baskets. So watching all 8 run around the house trying to figure out the clues was really cute. (Tara and I stayed up till 3 helping the Easter Bunny, we were wiped out the next day. LOL) Egg Wars began after that. Tara ended up the winner with the "Rock" we had some really good competitors this year. I think Resa's lasted the longest and finally fell to the "Jimmy Johnson" egg of Erik. It was pretty fun. The egg sauce sandwiches were so good. Dinner was later on and we relaxed. They took off around 8. It was sad to see them go, but we had so much fun and enjoyed every minute this weekend.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kids at play

My kiddos have been taking advantage of the days in between the rain and cold by going out side and playing baseball. It is so much fun (until someone hits someone with the bat, we've had some pretty good goose eggs!) They have learned to be careful with them, thank heavens!

Danny is still obsessed with trains. He had put this one together pretty much by himself and was running it. Now if anyone knows anything about trains you have to be very precise about putting the train on the track so that it will run. For a 3 year old, it is amazing to watch him work. He concentrates very well, even though it is on just this one thing. LOL. So enjoy the pictures!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring FEVER!!

Boy spring is just around the corner and things have started blooming around here already. With the kids being out for spring break it just adds to the FEVER. So we cleaned out the garage and washed the windows, which turned out to be such a bigger job than I thought. The windows had a film on them and I actually had to use Comet to get them clean.

We are starting our garden which we as a family have turned it into a community garden so that we don't have any wasted and with the cost of produce lately it will be quite nice to have some. I just hope it will turn out?? First time gardening in OK and I didn't have to much success in TX because the yard was so small and it planting in the flower beds was hard to plan.

We have had friends over for the last few nights, (can you say black bags under the eyes...). The slumber parties are so much fun for the kids. They play such funny games and the food these guys eat!!!! Taking them over to the YMCA helps with the chaos...swimming for a few hours helps calm them down so they actually go to sleep around 1 or 2 at the latest. They loved the neon green eggs and pancakes we made for St. Patricks day...sorry no pictures. I didn't even think about it, I am so bad at that.

But I did get pictures of the Easter Egg hunt we did in Foss, OK. Talk about GORGEOUS area! We are going to camping there for our ward camp out. The kids had so much fun. This was Danny's first Egg Hunt, because we usually hunt for candy at Grandma and Bapa's. He was giving his away to the kids around him. LOL. But he caught on pretty quickly though. All of the kids had a great time. It was really neat how they had it set up, and to start they had a count down with a huge horn going off! It was over in like 1 minute! And lots of goodies. We have another two this weekend!!!

The nice the thing is that Matt will be off this weekend! Yeah me! We are suppose to have friends come up this weekend and it will we be fun to do all of the Easter activities with them. The kids are so excited to set up the tent, they were suppose to be here last weekend, but things came up (like Matt going out of town) that we had to change it to this weekend. So it really worked out really well. Can't wait!

We also had book club last night. We read Temple Worship. It was a very deep book. I am sure as most of us pointed out several times that we are going to be reading this book several times over. It was just nice to hang around the kitchen and get our gab on and eat cheesecake! Yumm!

Well off to play with the kids. Enjoy and can't wait to hear from all of you!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

My first 5K!

Well I did it. My first 5K. Tough enough Relay for Life, for cancer. Ok I didn't run it, I walked most of it, jogged a few blocks, but it was soooooo cold that I couldn't get warmed up (18 degrees). But it was fun and next time I should be ready to jog the whole thing. I will be done with my training with couch to 5K in 9 weeks. I am only in my 6th week, where my workout is a walking warm up of 5 min and jogging for 20 min. It has been a lot of work so far and really hard, but fun too. I do like the races I can participate in that the proceeds go to cancer or leukemia. There are teams that I am signing up for in the next races. I can't wait!!

Erin also made the newspaper and I am trying to find the link to it so as soon as I do I will post it. Her class did a science fair and they did a really good job and made the front page!! I am really proud of her.

Well got to get dinner on before the family chat tonight.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Pictures I Promised

Gabbie our puppy

Mother's Day Cards

Mike and his John Deere Boots. By the way that is a size 2 on that kids feet (Same size as Erik who is 5 years older that he is!!!) Yeah we are going to have some big boys (Everything in Texas is BIG)!!

It was really cold on Monday and it was Dr. Suess's Birthday so it was a perfect day for their hats that Aunt Trish made for them for Christmas. They turned out so cute and the love wearing them. Especially Dan, he loves the feeling of it on his ears.

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend Excitement

Ok, Matt was gone till Wednesday and so it has been pretty interesting without him here. We had a lot of activities to keep us busy (keeping the boys out of trouble) so it was a little easier to manage things. A lot of people are like that here so everyone really understands. It is just part of the business.

But this weekend was interesting, we found out some friends of ours from Little Elm had moved here in August! Well they just had their third baby on Thursday and her parents are up for the week and her sisters came up for the weekend so we went out to dinner with them on Friday. We had such a great time with them and were so glad to have them over for a nice visit.

So now that they know where we are and we know where they are I am sure there are going to be a few more visits. Plus her husband works in the same business so it will be easy for us to get together.

We are reading a new book for the month of March which I am really excited about on Temples. It is amazing that I am reading a lot more. I have also got a bunch of books checked out right now from our awesome library (it is so huge) on gardening. We are going to try to do a community garden in our backyard. (Lots of planning so we will see how it goes.)

Card swap went really well. I need to take pictures and get them posted. We had a really good time and we have a few new members. It is taking a while to get it going but I know it will be in full swing soon. I am so sad though in a couple of weeks is a weekend get a way in Canton that I really wanted to go to, but with stuff going on I can't come down. But to make up for a couple days before that we have some friends coming to visit. We are so excited and Erin is so thrilled to have one of her best friends here.

Believe it or not it is going to snow tomorrow! We have wind gusts right now between 40 to 60 mph. There were several tornado warning/watches just to the East of us. But the crazy thing about it is that it was 75 degrees here this morning!!! It is unreal! So hopefully I can post the kids in their hats that Aunt Trish made them for Christmas. I accidently erased them off the camera and need to reado them and send them off. It will be really cool and authentic if I take them tomorrow in the snow.

This Saturday is the RACE. I am excited and nerveous. This one I am not Running in, just walking and jogging. I hope by December I will be prepared to run the 5K down in Texas that my friend Mindy told me about. Her son and husband are suppose to be in it to. We have been doing walks for the last 3 years now here and there. It will be neat to compete. This one is for cancer. The others we will probably be racing/walking for Relay for Life under Turtle Girls. If any of you who read would like to donate let me know and I will get you the info.

The kids are doing their jump a thon this week for heart awareness. They are so excited and have gone around the neighborhood collecting donations. It is fun to watch them practice at home.

By the way the basketball hoop and basketball that we got Erik for his birthday, now belong to Danny, just ask him. He loves to play with Erik and it is so fun to watch them play together. I can't wait to get some pictures of them playing. Danny is so funny when the kids are at school he will go grab the ball and just sit on the couch with it and watch cartoons, then go out and play for a bit then come back in with the ball and sit and go back out. It is so funny.

Other news for any of you who know my boys they love John Deere anything. Well on Thursday Mike got his first pair of John Deere boots. (he grew out of his other boots, which danny has taken full position of). You would have thought that he had died and gone to heaven. He called his dad first, then Voa Teves. I don't think either one of them understood a word he was saying because he was talking so fast. But I think they got the gist that he got John Deere boots. I will also have to get a shot of them too.

Boy I have a lot of pictures to take. Anyhow it is getting late and I will get the pictures on probably tomorrow.