Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fun night with the "M" Kids

We had the privilege of have three of the Montgomery kids stay the night at our house on Friday. My kids had an absolute blast! They live around the block from us and it was the first time they got to come over. My kids have been begging for days to have them come over, so it was really cool when they got to stay the night too. They went swimming first (yup can still do that here in CA, because it is so stinkin' hot still) and then came in and realized that they forgot clothes to change into. So Matt piled all of the kids into the truck and went and got the stuff and the all night party was on!! They played, watched movies and goofed off. We finally got them bedded down, Girls in Erin's room all with stuffed horses to sleep with (found out they loved horses just as much as Erin) and the older boys camped out under Erik's bed (who knows why) and the little guys on the bunks. (They actually feel asleep) Morning was more swimming, cartoons and yellow and blue pancakes by request from Kate (such a cutie, who just turned a big 6!)! We walked them home around 10, which I'm sure was so funny to see, and entourage of 7 kids and me carryinging different sleep over things. We had a blast, and were all sad to send them home and can't wait for them to come and play again.

TILT! and A Great Time

Ok if anyone has ever played a pinball machine, they know what this means. You shake the machine, it messes it up and Tilts on ya. Well I tilted my nervous system yesterday, and put myself on my butt. My Aunt Ali invited us and my parents and sister to Goshen to eat and hang out for the day. We had an absolute blast! Lunch/Dinner was some fantastic ribs and my moms broccoli and cauliflower salad, homemade peach cobbler and ice cream, it was sooo good, yum. So back to the story, well my cousin Lil' Gene went to take me to see a Belgium horse that the neighbors owned. (Beautiful horse by the way) Any how the neighbor came out and came to introduce herself and as she approached the fence, she caught the electric wire and zapped herself. Now if anyone has been around electric fences, ya have to just watch out for them. Nothing big just shocks ya. Well as we were talking the puppy came over and I bent over to pet the little guy and the top of my head caught the electric wire and knocked me on my butt. I didn't even know what hit me, because it didn't hurt and I didn't think I was even close to it. I just thought I had lost my footing. But after a few seconds realized what had happened, (probably from the roars of laughter from my cousin, Erin, and the neighbor asking if I was ok. It was one of the jokes for the rest of the afternoon. We had several and made some really good memories. I am sure Ron, Ali and Lil' Gene are going to be laughin' for days. The kids got to ride the horses, a peddled go cart, with a trailer to pull everyone else,(we have got to get one of those) Jonathan and Erik riding Johnathan's dirt bike, the kids testing the hot wires with their hands (lol) and Danny sweeping everywhere, playing with the puppies and dogs. They were soooo dirty and wore out when we were done. We had to make a pit stop @ walmart and grab some pj's and take baths and Grandma and Grandpa Teves house. The water was Dark Brown from washing them off in the shower. After we left, I think we made it down the block before everyone was out!

So thanks Aunt Ali, Uncle Ron, Lil' Gene and Jonathan for an AWESOME day, and mom and dad for the shower to clean up.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Cynthia and Danielle

Ok you guys posted on my blog and I am blog finding illiterate, how did you guys find me??? I can never figure it out except from going to someone elses post. So can anyone tell me how to do this!!?? So cool to hear from the both of you, and can't wait to read up on all of the happenings!!! Thanks you guys are now both listed!

Another birtday done gone

Yup I am officially one year older that Matt (even though he will be the same age in a month) but it is the number that counts to him right now. My parents to us to Fresno to watch "Walking with the dinosaurs" It was really cool, the kids absolutely LOVED it. We had a picnic in the parking lot and my cake was Ding Dongs. Yum. So Mike and Dan came home with a Brachiosaurus and a T-Rex. And Erin and Erik got these cool 3-D posters. I was going to post some pictures but they came out really dark and when you try to lighten them they look weird. So make sure you look at the video, because that is what they really looked like and it was soo cool. We had a really good time and if anyone has the chance to go I would highly recommend it.

Matt and went to the L.A. temple on Friday it was really nice. It was kind of fun being back there after oh I think 15 years. I forgot how big it was. They are renovating the Visitors Center so we weren't able to go there, which would have been cool too.

I almost forgot, last Sunday was the Primary program and the kids did really well. They had to do it twice, once for our ward and then for the singles ward. My parents and sister Carrie came. Danny didn't do his part the first go around but he did it the second time. They really had a good time. I think the theme was Following the Example of Jesus Christ. Not sure, but that was what came across to me the most.

Well enough of a catch up and sorry about the no pictures but they really did come out bad. To dark and no flash, I need to learn to be a better photographer.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Deep Sea Fishing

It has been quite a busy week and I have to start my blog off with an explanation of the title. Erin, Erik and Matt went deep sea fishing with my Dad and the Lions Club in Pixley. They stayed Friday night in San Louis Obispo, and met the boat on Saturday in Morro Bay at 7 in the morning and took a three hour trip out to sea. Erin caught 6, Erik caught 9, Matt caught 3, Dad caught 7 fish. Everyone did ok on the way out, but once the boat stopped, Matt got sick. He really wanted a Jesus complex and walk on water back to shore, he even contemplated swimming back! You know Matt is sick when... Any how they learned the ins and outs of quick filleting fish and it is amazing how small a huge fish become without all of its stuff. The ship staff also cooked up some of the fish (which Matt was no where near) and Erin actually tried some and liked it. So yes a miracle did happen, just not the one Matt wanted in both cases. LOL. Matt was happy when they started back to land, and they even let Erik drive the boat. Erik said the instruments were really cool, because part of the GPS system also showed where the fish were. They had a great time.

I and the little guys hung out for the day with a friend here in Bakersfield. She showed us some cool places that I will probably have to ban myself from because there was sooooo many cute things I wanted. We also went to the church for the annual service project, and worked on blankets. The boys created 4 ink drawing squares, 2 shaving cream squared, tied a quilt, and went back to my friends house and finished a blanket she had cut out. She also has a business on where she has a few products. One is a flannel cone that you use on baby boys so they don't sprinkle on you. Man could I have used that when my boys were little. So if you need some let me know and I will get you the link to order. They come in so many designs and are sooo cute. She also does burp rags and toys. I got to make a couple in the process of helping. Long story short had a GREAT day.

Well we have a new member in our family that is now wearing glasses as of yesterday. He looks so cute in them. He doesn't have to wear them except when he is reading to keep his eyes lined up. We found out he has CVIN palsy, which is a damaged nerve in the brain stem that is suppose to keep your eye muscles in horizontal line. It was miss diagnosed as torticules as a baby, but the nice thing is they can teach him to line up his eyes. So this is a picture of the big guy in glasses.

Well that is it for now, off to bed.

Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today was a really fun day for me and Danny. We went and volunteered in Eriks class. It was soo much fun. What was funny was that all of the kids said Erik and Danny don't look like me. LOL, so even more proof that the kids are Matt's! We painted and played Heads up 7up, which I haven't played since oh 7th grade on a rainy day in CA when we couldn't go outside (which is rare)! But it was fun.

Erin also went to Achievement Day's for the first time here. They took the summer off and so this is the "End of Summer" bash for them. She was just excited to get to go play with some friends!

Mike rode the bus today and I think the kids are going to ride from here on out. They get off a block from the house and they can all walk home together, except for Wednesdays, which they will get home at different times. He felt like such a big boy riding the bus!! I will have to take some pictures.

This weekend we are going to go pick grapes at the church farm in Fresno and on Saturday Matt, Erin, and Erik are going to Monteray to go Deep Sea Fishing with Grandpa Teves. It will be neat to see the pictures. Me and the little boys are going to be doing some Proposition 8 calls. Most of the ward is going to be walking with other denominational churches on the 6th. We also have the "Linus Project" that evening finishing up the quilts for the community.

Things are getting busy, but we are still thoroughly enjoying our pool on a daily basis. High was 101!!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Uncle Marcus

I wanted to give a special post to my brother-in-law Marcus for his birthday. Just to let you know he is quite a guy and I am so glad to be his sister-in-law. He is such a neat guy and we really miss him and it is so sad that we won't be in Texas to celebrate it with him and the family. We hope you have a great Labor Day/Birthday breakfast and we will be thinking of you on this special day!