Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Third post of the day! Kid Tag

I just got through reading through my favorite blogs and got to Anna's, my sister-in-laws blog and we got tagged to write 5 interesting things about my kids that someone might not know about. So here it goes:

1. Has the loudest clap I have ever heard!
2. She can run REALLY fast
3. Is a night owl
4. Loves to cook
5. Is a horse fanatic and wants to be a Vet

1. Loves Gymnastics and Soccer
2. Enjoys messing with Uncle Bryon by dressing up
3. John Deere Green is the color of his blood
4. Has a talent for drawing
5. Holds the record for being the biggest baby in the family at 9lbs 6ozs

1. Nascar fan and loves to sit with his daddy and watch Jimmy Johnson win
2. His blood is also John Deere green
3. He loves to scream like a girl at the top of his lungs (which is really loud by the way)and says he is whistling.
4. LOVES Superman! Everything on his cups, sandwiches, birthday cakes has to be the Superman symbol
5. Is his daddy's shadow

2. sings Life is a Highway (it is so cute)
3. Dirt is his 2nd favorite toy
4. Can sign several things, especially the word train
5. Land Before Time, Cars and Transformers are his favorite movies and Bumble Bee is his favorite character

This was really fun and neat to do. So who to tag, I think I will tag Kaja Sample and her two kiddos, Rene and Henry! Have a wonderful day and can't wait to read about them.

Wild and Crazy Saturday

We had the Stephanie and Erin Elizabeth (to know the difference between my Erin) (and is pronounced Erininzbeth by Mike just to let you know) over Friday night and Saturday. Matt had the day off and after the soccer games Matt and I were to go into OKcity and go to the temple (which got nixed because the temple closed at 3 and my Erin's last soccer game was at three) So Matt and I decided to stay home and just have fun (AKA the NBA playoffs were on)So for starters during the break in between soccer games we decided to work on the sprinkler system. Which worked out pretty well, except getting a little wet. We only have a couple of things to fix. So after that we left for the soccer games which was really fun. Erik's team won and Erin's team lost by one. The records are for Erin's team 4 wins/5 losses. Erik's team 8 wins/1 loss. They are really enjoying playing and making so many new friends. So after the games we went back home to wait for Latitia and Tyler to come over. (Latitia was going to help Steph watch our kids while her son got ready for Prom here in Weatherford after his track meet, while we went to the Temple, but that didn't work out as explained above.) They live in Custer City and the Prom was here and so was his date Eva. So our house became the go between which was SOOO cool. Well when they came they had an extra with them (Kelsey) and all of them were kinda pink from the sun. As the evening wore on poor Latitia became VERY RED!!!
But during the time from Tyler getting ready to go the girls, kids, daddy, me and Latitia put the front flower bed back together. Well some of us did, some of us thought an all out Dirt fight would be so much better. Nothing like black teeth! Steph's and Kelsey had to go take showers there was so much dirt on them and in their mouths (yuck) It was really funny and the people driving by were just laughing. So just as we were finishing up Eva drove up with her mom looking absolutely gorgeous. Tyler was looking dashing when we came in. They made such a cute couple. We took a few 1000 pics!! Then they drove them over to SWOSU to watch the prom parade. (Another neat thing they do here in Weatherford) They set up bleachers to the entrance of prom and roll out the red carpet and the parents or friends of the attendees get to watch everyone go in. And they announce you as you get out of your vehicles. Cool or what?!? Then after Prom they have a Prom party from 1-4 a.m. They have everyone go home and change and have events all night for them and prises, including two cars. It was busy but boy we had a lot of fun. One bit of bad news though, because I MADE Matt work in the front yard it jinxed the Mavericks and they lost to New Orleans. Sorry babe and hope the next game they will win.

They're not broken! They Hatched!

Danny came in the laundry room just after I hung up some clothes on the line and announced, "They're not broken! They Hatched! Come see mommy, they Hatched, not broken! Ok at this point my mind is going a million miles a minute, what did he get into that he would say this. Well he grabbed my hand and I followed him through the house to Erin's room where he pointed to about a dozen broken eggs and a few hard boiled eggs left over from dinner the night before. I had a huge smile on my face, and he was just as proud as could be. "See mommy, not broken, Hatched, Littlefoot hatched." (Land Before Time reference) I just laughed and said good job. Of course Gabbie had to come and "INVESTIGATE" what was going on too. I told him to start cleaning up the hatched eggs while I went and got the camera. It was just to cute to not document. LOL!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Are they Twins?

Well it is now that time of the year where both of the boys are the same age. It is so much fun to reply that they are 4 when people ask how old they are. "Oh are they twins?" I smile and reply no they are 10 months apart, that usually is where I get the best reactions! Hey just think of my reaction when Matt and I found out!!! Any how just a funny for the day. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying today!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Well Checkups

The little guys went in for checkups yesterday and boy do we have some big boys! Mike weighed in at a whopping 61 lbs and 3ft 8 in and Danny weighed in at 48 lbs and 3 ft 3 in. Everyone thought they were twins. I couldn't believe the height difference between the two. It looks less than that. But they also had their shots and they were very brave (cried a little) colorful band aides helped out tons! (smart person who ever thought of that!) They also had hearing and vision tests. They both passed the vision, and Danny passed his hearing, but Mike failed it. Turns out he has hearing loss in both ears (explains a lot lol) They set the base this time and we have to go back in three months to get another test done. We will be sent to the specialist after that either way to see what we need to do next. He asked us to get a family history to see if it ran on either side of the family, (Selective hearing didn't count, lol, which is what I have and my other kids have especially when it comes to chores!) But no one does, so I will relay that to the Doctor on Monday and ask a few more questions now that I have had time to think about it. I was kind of in shock, because Danny would be the most likely, because he was so delayed in talking. But we still think that has a lot to do with Mike talking for him. I did ask if it was caused by possible ear infections(which he only had 1)or if he had an infection now. He said no because there is no scaring or infection now. I also asked what does he have problems hearing and he said low/deep voices or whispers. I am sure we will find out more information in the next few weeks. He is still Mike and nothing has changed.

Well after the doctors visit, we sorta went on a unexpected detour to TEXAS! We were in Elk City which is about 30 miles East of the Texas border and to get home I needed to EAST on 40. Well I went WEST and it all looks the same (no mountains CA gal can't figure out which way to go without looking at the sun) and I was just driving along and passed a small town and since I am not really familiar with OK yet I just assumed it was the one we passed going into Elk City from home. Well about 3 miles later the sign said "WELCOME TO TEXAS" I was talking to my Dad on the phone and said dad I am in Texas, I went the wrong way! I'm not suppose to be in Texas! Well I had to drive another 10 miles before I could turn back around. There wasn't another exit till then (I about went across the median just to turn around)! There is absolutely nothing between here and there! So we got turned back around laughed a lot, and I am sure I will never live this one down. I told Matt I needed to borrow his dashboard girlfriend who always tells him what to do. The kids have nick named her Carmen, because Danny couldn't say Garmen. But I tease Matt about it all of the time. At least I don't boss him around as much as she does! LOL. I think Jeff Foxworthy does a skit on that. It is really funny. But back to the detour, I think it was the van going on autodrive back to Texas, just a funny thing in the day and life of me. DUH!!

Also speaking of Texas we just spent last weekend down there enjoying General Conference and Nascar Racing, and Daniel's 4th birthday with the family. It was an awesome weekend. Had several favorite talks and can't wait to get the Ensign to read all of them over again. It was really neat during the first session to sustain the new Prophet and councilors and the 12 and 70's. I just hope my kids remember it. I was a wonderful feeling. It was so good to see the family and visit. It was hard to leave, my kids are still sad about it and talking about it. Danny got some really cool presents for his birthday, pictures posted below. He opened up his present from my parents on his birthday, it is really cool car mat. I am going to have to get a few more. I think the helicopter, car mat and Lightin' McQueen shorts are the fav's. He is such a funny boy. We are doing his birthday here as a family tomorrow when Matt is back. I will post more pics then.

Soccer is going good for the kids. Mike's team still follows the ball the entire game no matter where it goes. (Really funny to watch) Erik's team lost this morning, but won this afternoon. Erin's team won this morning and her afternoon game was canceled. So it was nice to have the afternoon. We had some of their friends stay the night last night so it was fun to have them along too.

It has been a busy week and we are having a lot of fun and enjoying life. Love to hear how everyone is doing too.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's dinner

A friend of mine (Tara) sent me some really cool ideas for a great April Fool's dinner. My kids absolutely were in shock. Erik's face was the best when he tried the peas (which are his favorite veggies) It was really funny when Erin did her normal pouting routine about having to eat the peas and carrots (aka flavored tootsie rolls). It was great when she tried them and said hey these aren't peas, they are really good! LOL. She of course asked for extra gravy on her mashed potatoes and meat loaf (aka ice cream and cocoa rice crispes w/ carmel as the gravy) They had no idea. Erik was even asking for extra chocolate pie (aka meat loaf w/ pink mashed potatoes as the icing). Then I asked if they wanted water (aka invisible koolaide) Oh Matt and I got the biggest kick when they started eating stuff!!! So what was dinner was actually dessert and dessert was dinner. They loved it! Thanks Tara!

Also we had Michaels first soccer game yesterday and it was so cute to see the kids in mass try to kick the ball around the little field. Then watch all of them lose interest about 2/3 way through the game. It was so funny the kids would just run off the field to visit with their parents. Or go get a drink or a snack. Matt was able to come see the game so we got some cute pics of the guys. We did learn one thing you need a jacket around here at night, the wind seems to always pick up in the evening and it gets cold.