Monday, November 17, 2008

Funny thing

Tried this out on a friends blog tonight while reading through some of the updates before my computer is shut off for a few days for the move and trying to get internet again. So any how here it is. Have fun with it if you try it.

You Belong in 1976

Bold and brash, you take life by the horns. Whether you're partying or protesting, you give it your all!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Weekend Getaway

Well Matt totally surprised me by taking me with him to Oregon for a trip he had to take. We drove up and back pretty much, so it was really quick. The drive up is absolutely gorgeous and there was snow!! So we stopped on the side of one of the lease roads and took a picture. Mt. Shasta was covered with snow and was breath taking. We were able to stop on the way back home and see my grandparents for the night. We went to dinner together in Drain, OR at a great Mexican restaurant. It was nice to see "Rain" (lol) while we were there. Matt's cousin's are living in Oregon too and we tried to catch up with them, but it didn't work out on such a short notice, but it was so nice to talk to them and catch up a little. Hopefully next time. My kids stayed with my mom and dad, and from the sounds of all of the commotion on the way home last night they had a great time!! I am sure we will hear the rest of the adventures when they get home from school.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Happy Birthday Matt and Bob

I would like to wish both my husband and father-in-law a very Happy Birthday. Matt's is on the 2nd and Dad's on the 5th. I am so glad to have both in my life and hope to share many more wonderful memorable years with them! Oh and a side note, glad you are as old as I am now Matt! Love ya!!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


This involved a few days of celebration. So costumes this year were actually finished before 8 on Halloween which is my usual tradition. This time they were done Wednesday at 4! I was so proud of myself, a new record of accomplishment!!

Erik was the silver surfer, Erin a lady bug, Mike a racecar driver, and Danny was Bumblebee from transformers (he didn't want the actual costume, he wanted the p.j.'s so it worked for me!!)lol

We also went to Visalia on Halloween and went through a corn maze! It was really cool. They have done this since 2000 and each year they do a different maze design. This year it was the Dragon Slayer and it had a bridge in the middle and concession stands and 12 different checkin places. We kept missing them and it was sooooo easy to get lost. But lots of fun. The younger two kinda got bored walking around because there was nothing to see but corn. Oh and by the way the corn stalks were over 12 feet tall, so Matt couldn't cheat for us and find out where we were.

Picture Tag

My missionary companion tagged me with a picture one, so five of my friends are going to have fun with me!!! You go to one of your picture files, go to the 6th file open it and go to the 6th picture and explain what is going on in that picture. Well here is mine and I tag...


This one was taken in our home in Oklahoma. Mike and Nikki were taking a ride around on the John Deere. I can't help but think of the song, "She thinks my tractors Sexy" sorry. We really miss all of our friends there and so enjoy seeing the pictures and bringing back wonderful memories!