Friday, May 23, 2008

What a Friday!!

Just to start out, today was the first day of SUMMMER for my kids! They are officially out of school. I am so excited for summer, sorry I like having them around and it is so cool to sleep in again! So we had our Doctors appointments today and we had Mike's hearing rechecked and it turned out to be perfect. He has no hearing loss!!! :) Now the listening part...totally failed, but of course what 4 year old do you know that listens???

So after the Doctors we went to Foss Lake with the Arney's. Now I have no pictures of this yet to post, because my camera was not accepting the digital memory card (yeah not so happy about that). But Latitia took a bunch so I will be stealing them off of her blog as soon as she posts them. Poor women has had invasion of the POOLES! She is watching our dog during the next week while we are in Texas and California. I want everyone to know this women is a true SAINT!!

Matt made it in to Texas this evening and we will be leaving tomorrow afternoon. The kids are really excited to see their dad after 2 1/2 weeks of not seeing him. They are going to stay with family, while Matt and I finish up some of the loose ends before our move. We will also be celebrating my parents birthdays next week even though my mothers is today. It will be fun because all of the GIRLS will be home. I am really excited to see my sister Taryn. Let ya know how it goes. I hope to also be able to visit with some friends in TX before we make the CA move.

Well I got tagged by Anna, so here it goes:
How to play this game of tag:
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-List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, and 3 random surprising facts about yourself.
-Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

My Joys
-My wonderful husband, my family, and my friends

My Fears
-Losing my husband and children, my dog biting someone or running away, house cleaning

My Goals
-Learn to house clean, finish my book, loose weight,take some fun classes

Current Obsessions/Collections
-Learning how to manage money, cards/stamps/crafty stuff, blogging

Surprising facts about myself
-I love IMing, The comics are my favorite part of a newspaper, I can totally space out watching TV

I am tagging, Tara, Kaja, Latitia, Mindy, and Marcus

Have fun!!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

California or Bust!

Well sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks but we have had a big change in our family. Matt has been given a promotion, which is really good and also gave us the opportunity to move to Bakersfield, CA. Yes that is correct our family is moving again. We have quite enjoyed our short stay in Weatherford, OK and are sad to be leaving such a wonderful place. We have made some really good friends here and can't wait to come back. We found a home and are moving the middle of June. Matt is out there already and staying in a hotel. We sure do miss him and can't wait to see him again. And I really mean see him again. He is working "NORMAL" hours again and has weekends off. It is going to be interesting having him around again. The last two years have been pretty much, just me and the kids. He did have days off but they were far and few between. So this is going to be a nice change. I think the biggest one is for the kids. They won't have any cousins around in CA just my parents and sister. So I am sure they are going to get some serious attention. Also my grandparents and aunts and uncles are all still in the area and everyone is quite excited on my side. (Not so much on Matt's side but they have had us for the this long, so it is time to share, lol) We don't know how long it will be but for now it will work. Let's just hope it is longer than 6 months...I just barely was getting used to everything. It is going to be really hard to leave, but I am so glad we have computers to communicate and keep in close contact.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Savor the Oreo's

If anyone knows me, my one weakness is oreo's and cold milk. Well I guess it has been passed on...Mike my third child has my same knack for an oreo attack. It was Tuesday night and I had gone to Walmart to pick up his snack for his class the next day, which was right next to the OREO's, so I grabbed a bag. Can't forget the milk so grabbed a gallon too. Brought everything home and put Mike's class snack in the snack bucket for the next day and set the oreo's and milk on the table in the dinning (DUMB move on my part because I can't see in there from the kitchen) for after dinner and started making dinner. Well about five or so minutes later, I go into the dinning room and the milk is gone and the oreo's have been opened and a whole row of oreo's are gone. I yelled at Erin and Erik why they took the oreo's and that they needed to wait till after dinner. Erin and Erik started complaining that they didn't have the oreo's and why they hadn't gotten any. Danny was sitting in the living room and so I know he didn't have them, but Mike was no where to be found, until I heard a sound from the garage. I went to the garage and opened the door and found Mike with the gallon of milk opened, a cup full of milk and two oreo's left!!!! His milk was almost black, but you could tell he savored everyone of those oreo's in complete peace! He smiled at me with black teeth, it was just to cute, all I could do was laugh and asked him if they were good? He shook his head yes! (To bad he threw them all up later that night, couldn't handle his cookies!!lol) He is just so cute, and now I have some competition.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bowling Night/End of School year programs

My kids have become quite fanatics of bowling while living here in Weatherford, thanks to free passes. We took the Brooks and Cardenas families while they were here and have gone several times since. Erin and Mike's classes went a few times on a field trips. So they have really become quite the "Experts" as a matter of fact Erin beat everyone (even me) last night. Pictures to prove it too. Mikes is the first score,Erin's is second,Erik's third, and mine last! They are doing soooo well!

Erin and Mike also had there end of school year programs which were really cute and well done. Erin's classes had several that performed piano and violin solo's and duets. (Erin didn't want to this year because it scared her, and don't blame her either)But she did sing really well and they had a great time.

Mike was quite entertaining! Nothing like a bunch of 4-5 year olds on stage. They say the funniest things. At the end of one of the songs the singer growled and it sounded like a loud burp and a little girl said,"That's what my daddy sounds like!" All of the adults just died laughing. They were all so cute! Then Mikes class had a half sleep over at the school where they played games had pizza and took their sleeping bags to each of the classrooms and watched movies. He has so much fun!

Erik's stuff is this week so I will update on that.