Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What a whirlwind!

Well life has up'd it a notch around here and things are blowin' and goin'. The business in Texas has come to life and it is thrilling to see that happen for Uncle Bryon, Mom and Dad. It is going to be so neat to watch it grow. The home health care business is quite a niche for Bryon and I think he will do great in it.

What has been going on around here is that we have been given some callings and it has become quite adventurous for Matt and I. Matt is the new Cub Master and I am the Webelos Den leader. Sue one of my great friends in Texas was the Webelos and always came up with such awesome ideas and Val (Matt's other brother) was the Cub Master so we really now totally thank you guys for all of the stuff you did!!!

We have the pinewood derby coming up and getting ALL of the cars ready for that. We will post pics as soon after the event. It is unbelievable how involved the event is and hopefully a lot of people show up!! The other thing that is unbelievable is the amount of classes and training you have to go through, but it is really good.

I also have another calling which is right up my alley, enrichment activities chair. Love planning events and activities so hopefully I do good at this. So this is a long enough updates. Hope everyone is doing well!!

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