Thursday, February 26, 2009

Gophers, Ticks, and Garden Stuff

Well with putting the new lawn in the ticks decided to attack the poor dog, since we removed their home, but we hope that with some 7 dust, tick shampoo, and the stuff that you apply on the back of the neck and that they no longer have a home they will totally disappear. Now onto the gophers, we had a plant that they absolutely loved called Melba (sp) and there is some of it left in the garden area, so they have been digging some holes. So before they get to the new sod we got some stuff to get rid of them. We need to make sure they are gone before we start planting our garden here in the next couple of weeks. Or the garden will be full of very healthy gophers! It is going to be fun having a garden. The kids are so excited! Well

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