Monday, March 16, 2009

The start of it all

When we put our sod in we left a large area to start our "Garden" So it is offical, we planted stuff this weekend and the waiting game now begins!! I will update with a series of photos that looks cool from begining to at least some green.

We had a really fun weekend with lots of people over. Not all at once though. But is was a fun weekend with a bunch of laughs.

We also just got a dishwasher, because I really hate doing dishes by hand. (SO LAZY) Anyhow here is a picture of it.


Kaja said...

fancy dishwasher! good luck on the garden. i've started some indoor stuff, but i really only think i'll do flowers and some zucchini this year. i have this feeling that i'm going to be huge and leaning over is going to be a little difficult! haha....

Danielle said...

AAAHHH our dishwasher just broke, so I have been doing dishes by hand....well, I did go out and buy paper plates and cups and stuff. lol we will def. be getting a new one soon, i'm not cut out for doing dishes by hand!