Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Well sorry I haven't posted in a LONG while, but we have been quite busy. We went camping over the Memorial Day weekend with the Schelers and had an absolute blast. We saw a bear (for real) and Michael caught his first fish and ate it!! The kids loved climbing the tree stumps and running around the camp ground exploring. The Sequoia trees were amazing and we are planning to go back real soon.

The weekend prior the boys went on the Father/Son camp out at Success Lake. They were suppose to remove boulders from a campsite for a service project. Matt came up with an idea to help move the boulders along by using a TREBECHET and built one after getting permission from the park rangers. Well when he brought it up, they said it was to big and were concerned about the safety of people fishing in the lake (LOL) so they couldn't use it. :(. But they did have a good time canoeing and the usual camp stuff. Us girls did a half sleep over at the church, watching Chitti Chitti Bang Bang, painting nails, banana splits, and making cards. We had a really good time.

My garden is doing FABULOUS!! We have had lettuce so far. Corn is doing great, tons of green tomatoes. The pumpkins, beans, okra, strawberries, popcorn, peppers, garlic and zucchini are doing great. We should start harvesting soon!! I am soooo excited.

The kids have been doing great in school. Erik just finished his mission 3D rendition of the San Carlos Carmelo. It looked really good. Erin finished her reading project on Esperanza which was really cool. Michael got his first 100% on his spelling test and is so proud of it!

We also have pictures that are posted below of the kids and Grandpa Teves at the Antique Farm Show. They got to ride on the back of a small scale train. They had so many different things to look at and had an absolute blast. Matt and I worked on the signs at the ball park in Pixley. I must say they really look pretty good and we are almost done with them.

Erik also performed in his first Piano recital and did really well. Erin is also taking lessons but didn't feel comfortable enough to play yet. Baseball and Softball is going well for Michael, Erin and Erik. They have a few games left. I will post those pics as soon I get them scanned in.

I am having some issues down loading pics right now, so look for an update on the pics, especially the ones from the Garden, Antique Farm Show, and Camping.

Summer is coming up and can't wait!


Kaja said...

you're back! i was wondering what happened to you! glad to hear you guys are having fun.. we still miss you :)

Tara Brooks said...

YEAH!!!! I've missed you!
Just 3 more weeks and I get to see you! YIPEE!!!

Anonymous said...

You guys are so busy!!