Friday, July 17, 2009

First post of 6

Ok it has been a CRAZY month! SOOOOO much has happened. Well lets start with Fathers Day weekend. I went to Oxnard to visit my friend Tara who flew in from TEXAS, to drop off her nephew Austin. And spent an amazing weekend with her family! We stayed at her friend Ann's house (thank you so much!) (who I definitely want to come decorate my house too!)(and has an awesome family) It was really crowded at her parents place with everyone else there. And then to top it off her parents refrigerator died! But luckily they have several friends in the area so food was spread around till Sunday! I tried to help with her photo shoots (by the way she is an awesome photographer) And then we went to the beach and had some FANTABULOUS food at Andrea's. YUM I am still drooling thinking about it! We then went to a birthday party/welcome home/ father's day party. More good food. We also stopped and got some great roadside farmers market. Yum again! And then I headed home to celebrate fathers day with Matt and the kids. Which I got several phone calls about how great a dad he is from members in the ward. (Already knew that but it was great to hear it from others)

Side note: I had to make a few corrections with some names (thanks Tara) The house we stayed at was Ann's, not Amy's and I guess I was thinking of mexican food because I put Angelina's instead of Andrea's. Any who. It is corrected now and thank you! I am just so glad I didn't have to recite every one's name that I met while I was there. I can remember a few, but it was crazy fun so I forgot who some of them were.


Tara Brooks said...

I had a blast too. Thank youf for you help. Having you there made that weekend bear-able. (Too much going on, too many people, and too many anxiety attacks were very stressful on me) but you helped me out! MAJORLY! got everything right but the names.
It was Ann and not "Amy.
And wee ate at Andria's Seafood not "Angelina's" but it's all good.

Cotton Queen said...

Thanks corrections will be made. LOL the brain was on overload just trying to get all of the info down!!