Monday, October 4, 2010


I thought I would write a few things that have gone on since is life changing for us. We visited Texas in July and while there found out some interesting information about my cousins newest grandson. He asked us to call a social worker for the Chickasaw Nation about him. We found out he was currently in foster care and that the parents were having issues with following through with the judges orders to work on a program to have him returned to them, and that their rights were being terminated. The mother had lost three of her older children and they were adopted by her aunt. The father this was his first child, so the judge was giving them both a chance to see if they could make it work. The social worker informed us at this time that they were looking for a family member to be able to take the child that fit the requirements under regulations of the tribe. Well we have him now. His name is Lewis Gage Teves Poole, so here is our newest member of our family!!

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