Saturday, April 21, 2012

Back in the Saddle again

I can't believe it has been a whole year and then some since I have posted on my blog. The funny thing is I continue to look at all of my friends blogs and it is funny to notice a decline in thier blogs also...facebook I think has taken over and it has become instant gratification of getting the stuff we want people to know quickly with out having to know the http address and passwords and all of that. But I have come to realize I really was using this as journal and keeping my life at least in some type of timeline that I could look back and remember hey we really did exist and there are pictures and stories to prove it. A lot has happened too, holy cow. We have moved several times since last year, finally ending up now North of Houston, TX. We finallized the adoption of Gage, and also the adoption of his baby sister, Emma Leigh Poole. We were sealed in the Dallas Temple August 6th! Michael was baptized on the 5th, and it was an incredable weekend. Life is moving by so fast, but we are enjoying every minute of it. Tara took pictures and I have to find them so I can link it with this post. In the year we have had some eventful moments. Big ones besides the adoption, Gage was in the hospital for a burn on his left leg that he got when he turned the hot water on while he was sitting in the sink waiting for a bath. It was very scary and we didn't realize how hot tap water really turn down those gas water heaters to a safe temperature. Lesson learned. We also moved 4 times in 5 months. Yeah really!!! We had to move the first time because of the adoption process, needing so many square feet per child and so we found a house in Tulare (which took us FOREVER to find) and shortly after we moved in and had the inspection from child services (which would not have been accomplished thanks to my parents, sister and the hamiltons, myers, and smiths)we found out that the house was being forclosed on. We spoke with a lawyer and moved, due to all of the issues, luckly across from the lawyers office was a property management office, and we found a new home to move to. Yeah we were sweating bullets wondering where we were going to live with 6 kids and a dog!! STRESS! We moved in and LOVED THE HOUSE, except for the no internet...but oh well. Three months later Matt receives some really good news and gets a new position in Canrig and we are off to Houston. Yeah it was fast...but I know that it was worth it. Michael got his first set of stitches, 4 of them...from jumping on a trampoline with his brother Erik. LOL. Erin is loving high school, glad to be back in choir and has found out they have a vet program at school, yeah she is signed up already for them! She also is wanting to start violin lessons, which I am really exited about, FINALLY someone who wants to play and instrument! Such a cutie! Erik is loving Jr. High, still trying to get involved and settled. Mike loves his class, but the funny thing is everyone is about his height now so he doesn't feel like a giant! Danny has an awesome teacher and has totally blossomed in this class. He is excelling at everything. Gage has found TV and love Little Einstines (UGH!) And Emma is as cute as can be and loves playing with stuffed animals and playing with her older brothers and sister. Definately a Daddy's girl too. Poor little thing got six shots the other day to finally catch up on all of her immunizations. We are going to have to take Gage in to and ENT office for his ears. See how that goes. Well I am off for now, and I will be posting more, especially to keep family updated and involved in our lives since I tend to forget to say everything we are up too. LOL.


Becky said...

you're back! :) keep it up...i need pics of life and all the good stuff.

Kaja said...

hey! glad to read your update. i haven't been checking my blogs in over a year which is why i'm finally commenting on your we've got a new one take care!