Monday, August 17, 2009

Summer's End!

Yup Summer has come to a close around the Poole household. The kids started school on the 12th of August!! Yup, lovely California! The state government can even now mess up summer vacation!! LOL This summer has been very eventful to say the least. Updates on some of the latest, Erik's eye surgery went REALLY well. We were very entertained when he was coming out of anesthesia from some other patients and parents around us. But it was very quick and he has hated us this entire last week and a half because he can't do anything...literally. He is very lucky he is going to school! But he should be back in full form by this Thursday. The pics are of him after surgery. He just looks so cute! We had to take him back down to UCLA for his post op on the first day of school, so he went for an hour then we left. The doctor laughed at us when we asked him for a excuse note for school. He said are you kidding, what are they thinking starting school so early!?! But he said everything looks really good. We have to go back in 5 weeks to see if his muscles have strengthened correctly. Yuppie road trip!

We are still waiting to hear from the doctor about Danny. It will be interesting, we have some parenting classes that will be coming up soon that Matt and I are to attend. Erin and Mike are doing better!! So hoping to keep everything going. We are still working out some of the kinks with things.

Now all of the kids are in school, are biggest concern was with Danny. Thankfully he is loving school, which is such a relief. He and Mike just love walking to class together. Mike loves his new teacher, he said she is tall and must be the boss. (now I know why the kid doesn't listen to me, I am not tall enough!) The good news is his teacher from last year came in to observe him for an afternoon and said he is doing a 100% better. :) Erin is enjoying the class switches and having new teachers every period. Erik is still trying to adjust, because of his surgery, so he hopes everything will be so much better when he can go out to recess with his classmates. He says his teacher is ok. (lol)

Demo and remodeling is going slower than I hoped. Hopefully with things slowing down a little we can get this project moving just a little faster!!!! But the kids are making sure we have to remove certain things (ugh)! So their work has already begun. LOL

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