Saturday, August 22, 2009

Erin's stomach ache

Well if you haven't heard, we had some excitement that started on Saturday, with little Miss Erin. She was complaining that her stomach hurt all the way across. We thought it was growing pains or just nervous about something. On Sunday she was continued complaining about it, but it wasn't bad, it just hurt. So she went to church, had dinner, and got ready for school the next day. She gets up on Monday, and says her stomach is still hurting, but she didn't have a fever so we sent her to school. She didn't eat breakfast because she wasn't hungry. I get a call about 10 from the school. Erin is in the office complaining of a stomach ache. Me responding, Erin needs to stay at school, she is probably hungry, or growing, so just get through it and suck it up. At 1 the school calls again, Erin didn't eat lunch because her stomach hurts and can you come pick her up. I am pretty upset with her as I am heading to school and leaving with her. I bring her home and tell her if you are really sick you need to lie down and take a nap. So I give her some Tylenol and she goes and takes a nap. I leave to go pick up the boys at 3 and come home around 3:45. She wakes up and I ask her how she is feeling and check her head to see if she has a fever. She doesn't, so I proceed to let her know, You don't have a fever, so you if you don't get better fast we are going to have to take you to the doctor and they will have to draw your blood. Erin, who is deathly afraid of needles says, I don't care I want to get rid of this pain. I knew something was really wrong when she said that. I called the doctor and met Matt down in Bakersfield for a 6 o'clock appointment for Erin. I left to head back up to Visalia for a meeting dropping the boys off at Grandmas for her to watch them while I attend my scout meeting . Matt and I start texting while they are visiting the Doctor. He texts me saying that she is behind on her immunizations and so they will update those with 5 shots. They get the blood work back and the white blood cell count is normal and they think she might have the flu. (Didn't make since to me due to the fact that she has had the symptoms since Saturday, and no body aches, or fever, and no throwing up or cold.) So anyhow they finish up 5 shots later and still in pain, with instructions if she starts throwing up or the pain gets worse to call them. I get back from my meeting with the boys about 10:30 and Erin and Matt come home probably about 15 minutes later. We put the boys to bed, and have Erin take a bath to relax. And put her to bed and head of to bed ourselves. About 30 minutes after that, Erin is in tears, screaming about her side hurting. We told her to take another bath and gave her some Motrin this time. She ended up taking probably 6 baths and staying up pretty much all night and finally threw up her dinner around 5 a.m. and she finally falls asleep. We get the boys up around 7 to get them ready for school. Matt then calls the experts on what we think might be wrong, the Mechams. I take the boys to school and come back. Matt just finished talking to Bryon and Marcy and thinks Erin is having an appendicitis. We call the Nurse line to update them and they start to ask her some questions and have her jump, I didn't know while Matt was talking to Marcy, she had Erin do the same thing and she doubled over in pain and was bawling a few minutes before I came home. Well same thing happened when she hopped and the nurse said take her to the ER. So we got ready and headed down to Bakersfield, switching out vehicles with my mom so we would have some AC and followed Matt in his truck just in case that wasn't it, and he would be able to go to work and we could come home. We got there about 10:00 and it all began. They did a CT scan and found her appendix to be inflamed possible rupture. We had to wait for the surgeon till 5 when he got through with his scheduled surgery's. By 6 pm she was scheduled for surgery at 9 pm with 5 doses of morphine from the time we got there till surgery! Luckily, (thank you for all of the prayers for this one) An attendant for another surgery was late, so they bumped Erin up to 7 for her surgery. As they were taking it out if fell apart, the doctor said she was very lucky, if she had waited till the later time it would have been a lot worse, because it would have been a full appendectomy instead of laproscopy. She went through the surgery well but afterwards she had a fever. They still don't know what was causing it but they started her on antibiotics and we were able to come home Thursday night. So Erin is home recovering for the next two weeks before she can go back to school and that also means she doesn't get to try out for volleyball. (I think I am more upset about that than she is, but she is still upset about it) So keep praying for her, she is doing well and recovering.

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Kaja said...

yikes! i'm glad she's alright!