Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Danny Lost his first tooth

As of Monday, September 7th, Danny is toofless on the bottom left. He was soooo excited after he realized that he actually lost it and it was ok that it happened. Now you might wonder why it took so long to get excited about it...well of course there is a story. How could it not be an event and part of our lives!!???!!!

We had some of our friends kids over for the night for labor day weekend, and my parents came over for breakfast (family tradition). Breakfast was pancakes, eggs, and linguesa (Portuguese sausage). Well we were done eating and went out front to enjoy the day and Matt and I were talking to my parents and the kids were playing around the inside of the house and out back. All of the sudden the little girl staying with us, who is Danny's age, comes out screaming, "Danny's bleeding!" Now as most of you who know us we don't over react to much anymore, if we don't hear blood curdling screams of pain. And plus, our little friend, tends to panic when she sees blood. So we calming ask her is Danny hurt, and she said, "Yes, he is bleeding from his mouth, he bit a pancake and is bleeding." I am thinking he must have fallen, while eating a pancake and busted his lip or bit his lip while eating it. So we go inside to check it out and Danny meets us at the front door with some blood on his lip and in his mouth. Matt bends down and starts checking things out and asking Danny what happened. Danny says pretty much the same thing as our guest and Matt looks at me and says his gums are bleeding around his tooth. He has knocked most of the tooth out by the root.

So with this discovery we go into the room to check out THIS pancake. Well nothing seems to be overly hard, and there is nothing hard in. So I take Danny into the bathroom to clean up his mouth and assess the actual damage and what can we do. Well as I am rinsing I notice something and call Matt into the bathroom with Danny and me. I said I don't think we can save the tooth, it is broken at the root, but I don't think he broke it, because behind it is a NEW TOOTH!! It was loose and the pancake dislodged it from the other baby teeth supporting it. So we pulled it out the rest of the way, and Danny went from a panic giggle to pure joy of realizing the Tooth Fairy was coming!

Now Mike who is older and has not lost a tooth becomes quite upset and jealous about Danny loosing a tooth before him. So we had to do a lot of consoling and telling him he will loose his soon enough and checking EVERY single one of his teeth to see if he had any loose teeth. Also for my nieces and nephews who know I seek out loose teeth to pull, will know how much of a shock this story is that Danny literally lost his tooth eating a pancake! Well that was our fun event for Labor Day weekend! Hope you had a good laugh, we sure did!

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Anonymous said...

That is amusing! lol hey a BUNCH (like 300) pics are on facebook from the wedding!