Friday, March 26, 2010

Oh how time flys

I did not realize that it has been THREE MONTHS since I last posted. We are just havin' way to much FUN!! Things have been really good, and can't wait for spring break this next week. We are going camping at the coastal redwoods, which happen to be the tallest redwoods, the fatest are up in sequoia national park. Updates on everything: Matt got to drive his DREAM yes he will probably be getting one soon...heaven help me!! I had a mini stroke on Feb 24th, cause by a migraine, and the doctors also think stress. It has been an interesting recovery which is still ongoing. I also started a new business LIA SOPHIA in January. Really excited about it! Jewelry is so much fun! Erin got new glasses this last week finally, and played basketball on the church team. AND holy cow is she good and has very natural talent!! Erik recieved his Arrow of Light and graduated (crossed over) for scouts, which Grandma Poole was able to be here for that thanks to my little incident. Michael is doing great in school and also recieved the Student of the Month for Tipton Elementary (which is huge)and gearing up for baseball. Totally practicing everyday!! Daniel is having so much fun in school and is excelling. He is still hooked on transformers and is a daily question of when he is going to get more. We have a new guest in our house, my cousin Scott has kinda moved in with us and helping me out with things. It is kinda funny how that all worked out. But our main project right now is a 1973 trailer that we bought from my cousin Rachels boyfriend Ken. We absolutely love it! It needed some repairs and updating so it has become quite a fun little project. Can't wait to be able to use it!! Thanks again Ken you are soooo cool! Also we are working on the house to get it ready to sell here in CA, our current project is the back patio!! Yeah!


Anna said...

You guys sound BUSY BUSY BUSY but with lots of good stuff! Enjoy your spring break! Send our love to each of the kids... And I'm glad to hear you're feeling well!

Kaja said...

I hope you're doing alright, Dawn! It's good to hear from you guys again and I'm glad to know everything is going well.