Thursday, July 1, 2010

We are in TEXAS!!

Well from the last post things are still interesting. Summer is going to be SHORT this year but jam packed full of fun. We just finish Cub Scout Day camp and it was a blast. I can't thank Anna Myers enough for stepping up to the plate and helping out. Also my wonderful Husband for being so patient with me and my new JOB as it were for the last month, and then my poor kiddos. Big kudos to Erin for helping take care of Mike during day camp because he was not feeling so well. He did finally get to go the last day and be a TIGER CUB!! His biggest dream!! (As a real 7 year old now!) Yup he is officially 7! He had his requested birthday party at Aunt Alene's from January. Such a cute kid.

We are in Texas visiting everyone here. I drove out with my cousin and we made several stops along the way. We got to visit with Taryn and see her beautiful new engagement ring. YUP, that is right folks, Taryn is gettin' hitched!! Nate asked her at the end of May and the date is going to probably be May 28, 2010...Yippeeee!!! I am so excited. We then pulled into the Arney's home in Weatherford, OK and hung out by the gorgeous coy pond, Bill built. It was so peaceful. We then headed down to my other cousin's house in Ada, OK and hung out with his kids and grandchildren. (they are so cute.) And left his brother there with him to stay the week to visit. The kids and I then headed to Little Elm, TX. Yeah!!

Then on Saturday, Marcy, Tara and I headed up to Kansas, to drop Tara off at Heathers and have a Lia Sophia Party there. HOLY COW, the party was good, but the fondue that Heather put together, YUM!!! Then Marcy and I took off in the morning and headed up to Milwaukee, Wisconsin for our Lia Sophia Conference. Breakfast at Pandera's never again just ask Marcy. Anywho back to Milwaukee...OH WOW!! So much fun. Kami I owe ya big time for making sure I went, it was soo worth it. We had so much fun, pictures will follow. We headed home, stopped at Heather's for a minute and had some awesome chicken sandwiches. Laughed pretty much the entire way home, yeah so entertaining. So now we are back in Texas to enjoy the 4th, and some great times with the fam! Can't wait to update with the rest.

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