Friday, January 11, 2008


Well this week went well. I worked out everyday I was suppose to plus some here and there. I stayed in my caloric intake range and I have lost 6 pounds!!!! Kids did really good in school. Erik will start playing the recorder this semester, and continue with his piano. He already is really excited about it because he knows all of the notes. Erin is home sick today with a stomach ache, but she is better now. I think it might have been something she ate at school. She has a science fair project coming up which she is stoked about. She has be online trying to figure out what she is going to do. She wants to do something with plants. Mike is so happy to be back in school. He now has 12 kids in his class. Mind you when he left for Christmas vacation there was only 6. His teacher is really happy now too, because she has an assistant now. Danny is trying to potty train himself!!!! Last one out of diapers...can't tell you how nice that is going to be. The funny thing is as most of you know my kids don't like wearing clothes much in the first place and well he doesn't like underwear to much so most of the time after he has gone potty I find him running around with a shirt on only. Exasperation doesn't even cover it. But I am glad that we have come to this crossroad.
We also got our Christmas presents this week from my parents and the kids got some neat pj's and some other fun stuff. Matt got a hoop football thing to play with the boys, it can be thrown up to 600ft. It is pretty cool. But I must admit I received the coolest gift, my mom signed up for an idea book from Keepsake Memories, for me. So now I have three books full of ideas for scraping, picture taking and all that jazz. It is so cool. So now I have to load up on supplies to do some of these cool ideas. I am really excited.

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Mindy said...

Hey, Girlfriend! I'm glad things are going so well but we miss you! We are trying to stay busy here. You know that is not that hard:) Sisterhood of the blogging stampers....a girl set up a blog devoted to getting blogging stampers connected to support each other in their crafting endeavors. They put you into groups of 20 or so. Our group is full:(. We have set up a forum open only to our sisterhood, set up a RAK list, are doing a valentine secret sister exchange and an image RAK list so far. It has really been neat! OK...this comment is long enough! Hope to see you soon!