Tuesday, January 29, 2008

First Card Swap

We had our first official card swap this evening and it was quite fun. Love was the theme and got some really cute cards. I will post a couple of them when I take the pictures and download them. We had a really good snack it was I think one of Marcy's favorites and it is very addictive to eat. It is cream cheese with tiger sauce on top and you eat it with either a bran cracker or a wheat cracker. MMMMMMMMM Love it. It was very WINDY here today but not to cold. We are so excited this weekend is quite a special day, our niece Michele is getting baptized. We are probably going down Saturday morning and coming back that night. The day also has a sad tone to it too. The prophet passed away and on Saturday is his funeral at noon. General conference is going to be very interesting in April. My 5K progress is going well into the 3 week. It is unbelievable to think I can run a 5K in 6 more weeks???? So off to watch Danny do his thing and put him to bed. :)!

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Julie Anna Poole said...

Cute cards Dawn! How fun!