Tuesday, July 8, 2008

California Sunnin'

Well I would have pictures to post except my camera is still on the blitz and will not read any of the memory cards to take pictures! UGGGGHHH any suggestions???? So we are unpacked now and are now working on settling in.

Our ward is really friendly. The funny thing is it is only 2 square miles!! We are so used to wards that cover counties and cities, not blocks. Talk about saving on gas!!! It is so weird having so many members so close (almost claustrophobic) lol. But it is a pleasant change to be so close to everything.

We had my parents over for Sunday dinner, with a friend of theirs from Wisconsin. It was really nice. We also had our family web chat too on Sunday. It was really interesting to have everyone in the same time zone!!

Our next adventure is in a couple of weeks...we are going to Disneyland for Erin's birthday!! So I am trying to be a good mom and get the autograph books together like Aunt Marcy did when they went to Disneyworld last year. We are going with the Brooks from TX who are coming out to visit family here in CA. It just worked out that we could go together. (Actually we just invited ourselves, so that maybe some TX dust would rub off and we could feel at home for just a minute :) )

We sure do miss everyone. I am just so glad that we have the Internet!!! I can't tell you how lost I was without it. So anyhow, I need to get lunch fixed. So off for now

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