Monday, July 21, 2008

Our trip to Disney

We had an awesome time, and after a few days my kids are willing to go back. (They had sore feet and were hot and tired when we asked them and they weren’t so sure) We told them there was so much more to see and they got excited again. We had some eventful moments and enjoyed the day with the Brooks! The first event was the drive from Bakersfield to Anaheim, holy cow so many freeways and so many people. Of course the normal, “When are we going to get there?” from some VERY excited kids in the back seats. We finally got there and called the Brooks to arrange our meeting point. We loaded up the water bottles and sandwiches for lunch, tethered the Danster so he wouldn’t wander off. And off to the first ride, the tram to the front gates from the parking lot. On the way to the tram the backpack with the waters in it started leaking on Matt’s backside, the ice had already started melting and we had only been walking 30 seconds (LOLOL) but it kept him cool. We loaded up on the tram and took the short ride over to the front gates. First things first when we got off, Bathroom stop. We walked through the large Disney store outside the gates, which proved quite difficult with all of the wonderful things to purchase. Cars, Princesses, Pirates, oh my. Oh yeah you know exactly what I am talking about. (Yeah I was doing the same thing, it is just to cool not to slow down and look even if all of your bladders are about to explode. Going to the bathroom didn’t seem to be a priority for the moment.) Well we made it finally and headed to the gate to meet up finally with the Brooks at the stroller rental place. I handed out the autograph books that the kids and I made for anticipation of meeting some Disney characters and getting their autographs. Maps in hand we were off to the lockers on Main street to drop of the bags till lunch, (which is a really cool place) and we were off to enjoy Disneyland. We headed to the rides first. It worked out pretty well with Adult to kid ratio and swapping for rides. We did have a few scary moments. The first was when Emi, got separated from us in one of the lines. Tara found her quite quickly, thanks to some mindful adults who realized she was lost, (many thanks to those kind people again, whoever you are.) Emi was quite a trooper, even though she was very scared. Mike had to ride Space Mountain by himself, when Matt couldn’t fit in the cars because he was to tall. He got out and turned around to get Mike out of the car but the ride took off. Yeah Matt freaked out. Mike did ok and was quite calm till he got off the ride and Matt asked how he did, he hugged his daddy and buried his head in his chest and cried a little. But if you look at the picture, Mike was the only one smiling out of all of the kids!! Yeah that is when I saw it and freaked out, but he did ok! He is such a big boy! But I was glad to hear what had happened and that he was safe. We got through tomorrow land, and some of Main Street, the Haunted Mansion, Pirates, and a few others. As the day went on we started to realize that we had only seen one Disney character, Buz Lightyear and didn’t get his autograph because he was walking to do a performance and we didn’t want to stop him. It was so funny that we didn’t see any Disney Characters. But we also didn't go to toontown where they usually hang out. Since we did go to Disney partly to celebrate Erin's birthday, we headed over to the Town Hall to get her birthday button. And did some quick shopping (and I mean quick, I wish we had more time to wander through the shops, but the boys don't allow that to happen very well,) before going to see the fireworks show by the Princess castle. The Fireworks that night were absolutely stunning!! I think when we go again we’ll go to the front of round about. The trees were blocking some of the fireworks. But, that did not take away from all of the ohhs and ahhs we heard. As a mom that was the coolest feeling to watch my kiddos enjoy something so unique. We really had a good time and can’t wait to go back to see more (it is unbelievable how much there is to see.) Plus since we have empty autographs books we definitely need to go back. Sorry it is a long post, but like Disneyland there is so much to do, say, and see! Till next time!


Kaja said...

sounds like you guys had a lot of fun! i can't wait to take my kids one day. matt isn't the least bit interested, but i've always wanted to go, so he's going to go whether he likes it or not..haha!

Marcus J Poole said...

How fun! Do you have pictures? We would love to see some even if they are the photo pass pictures from the park. We noticed at Disney World that the Characters don't walk around the park anymore you have to go stand in line at their stations to get a picture or autograph. Thats why we only took Connor to see Mickey at the Animal Kingdom. Anyway lots of fun though. Connor loved the Fireworks as well and I would freak out too if my little guy was on a ride and I wasn't on it when it left. I hope we can come see you soon and maybe go or do something else with ya'll.

Cotton Queen said...

Matt has the pictures, so as soon as I can pry the camera away from him I will post some. I will email the two shots I have from the photo pass we got. And where are the stations at??

Julie Anna Poole said...

How fun!!! There's no place in the world like Disney!

I'm glad you guys had a good time.

Tara Brooks said...

I must have been really OUT OF IT! Even at the times I was with you, I don't remember you taking pictures. You got some good ones. Thanks for sharing.
Miss you SO MUCH!!!
Want to take a Texas trip during General conference weekend? You could come for my birthday!! hee hee! It was worth a try!