Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Circus

On Saturday my parents took us to the circus in Fresno. We had a really good time and recommend it if it ever comes by. The coolest thing was the motorcycle ball of death or something like that. They fit 7 motorcycles in that thing!!! My other favorite was the elephants of course.
They are so neat. The little boys just loved staring at everything. Erin's was the trick horse riders (of course), Erik loved the acrobats. We had a really good time and of course went to a CA icon for milkshakes at In n Out. To my family in TX I actually had the malt one and liked it! So I maybe converting slowing. LOL. We are getting ready for Disney tomorrow and I will have photos!!!

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Kaja said...

that looks like fun! i wish they had stuff like that come through weatherford, or maybe they do and i have no idea...haha. it's very possible, i'm very out of it most of the time!