Friday, August 22, 2008

Disney pictures finally

OK so as you know Matt had the camera from Disneyland and I kept forgetting to ask him for it. Well I finally got it and downloaded them. By know means is it as good as Tara's blog pictures of our trip. We were just so glad to be able to go with them and have such a good time. So take a glance once again at the Disneyland post and also stop by Tara's blog, between the both of us I think it is a real complete picture of the day. Her link is on my blog list. My favorite picture I think is when Nathan is eating the lemon ice Charlie was giving him and making those great faces. It also reminded me about Charlies water trick at the fountain, with an unsuspected victims trying to get a drink. Great times and I can't wait to go again. Also in the mix of the picture is Matt's trip to Oxnard to see the Cowboys at Training camp. He was so glad to get a whiff of Texas!!


Charlie said...

I COMPLETELY forgot about the prank at the water fountain! HOW COULD I? I know!
Thanks for the reminder, I'm going to have to blog about it.

Tara Brooks said...

Sorry that was me. Not Charlie!