Monday, August 25, 2008

Moving Trip from OK to CA

Ok this is so strange and I don't know how I have missed this for so long, but here are the pictures from the driving trip from Weatherford, Ok to Bakersfield, CA. These also include the shots of the damage done during the storm the day before we left at the Arney's house when Erik was staying there. It was eventful and interesting to see what a tornado does. The amazing thing is that no one heard it in the house, the neighbor's saw it though. The hail that was coming down drowned out the noise. No one was hurt thankfully. Poor Titia and Steph didn't find out about it until they got home from girls camp, it was quite an emotional shock.

The other cool thing was being able to see my sis. and her new place. Santa Fe is VERY unique. I am glad we got to spend the day with her and see where she works. We also got to eat out at this really good restaurant there. They had PURPLE chips which the kids thought was so funny. I am still surprised they ate them. We got to also celebrate Mikes birthday there too. I don't know where the shots are of him opening his presents are, but he got a cool Lightin' McQueen drag race set. He loves it and so does Danny. They both have cars (smart move by Aunt T.T. no fighting) and love to race Mater and McQueen. Well enjoy the show!

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