Monday, February 4, 2008

Cold blowing Snow

Last week on Thursday about 5 am and we started to hear the wind start to really pick up and it kinda woke us up, but of course we stayed in bed. By 6 it was howling, still staying in bed! At 7 we got up finally and looked out side and it was kind of like a fog with all of the snow blowing everywhere. I got a couple of cool pictures when the kids took off to school. One is split up into two pictures. The first is facing east and the other facing west. As I was taking a picture of the kids leaving a down burst of wind hit blowing the snow off of the road and to describe it would be like a helicopter landing. The edges blew in a circular motion and it totally cleared the road. I didn't catch the circles, sorry but I did get a picture of the clearing. It still looks cool.

On another subject we did go down to Texas and were able to stay the whole weekend. It was so much fun. We went to Michele's baptism and it was absolutely beautiful. Michele asked me to say the closing prayer. The funny thing is her whole name is Julie Michele, but she goes by Michele because of Grandma, but they kept calling her Julie. But it was ok she knew what they meant, (school personnel do the same thing). We then went out side and took pictures. It was an absolutely gorgeous day. We are so proud of her. We then went to their house and had Chicken Alfredo and Salad, with chocolate brownie cake, mmmm. Of course Matt said the cake was to done (not doughy enough in the center), I knew I married him for a reason. We had a lot of fun. Erin and Erik stayed the night at their cousins and we took the little boys home to G & G's and went to bed.

Sunday we watched the funeral of the Prophet and got ready for church. It was a great testimony meeting. Michele, Erin, and Erik all bore their sweet testimonies. We also heard several others that we so spiritual and motivating. Marcy bore hers also, but towards the end. I really enjoyed it. Our old ward has such wonderful people. We miss them and are so glad that we are able to visit often. R.S. was nice too, got to sit next to Sue. The lesson was on Strengthening Families, and Kathy gave it. She did a really good job and I learned a lot from her. I can't wait to read the article she used. After the lesson we were privileged to hear 3 more wonderful sisters bare their testimonies about the gospel and their love for their family and our beloved Prophet who passed away. We then were able to visit after with a few friends. It was so neat to catch up on some things.

We went back to G & G's and had some lunch and sat down to enjoy the evening of SuperBowl. What a game (even though we didn't like either team) We ended up cheering for the NY Giants but only because we really didn't want the Patriots, who cheated and got caught and really honestly got away with doing it, because they were only fined...whooptie doo. They should have been disqualified for the year. And the record of 18-1 definitely needs to have an asterisks beside it, with the statement in BOLD lettering, Cheated to obtain this record of a perfect season. But I guess justice has a way of playing out...right what comes around goes around. I mean it sure is quite the class act when the coach of the losing team walks of the field before the game is over as the refs are trying to clear the field so the last second of the game could be played. I think the neatest thing about it is how Payton was cheering on his younger brother, and I mean cheering, not just clapping, but yelling and whoopin and hollering for him. Even if the Giants hadn't won, that will always stick with me. True love of brothers. What a legacy too, Payton won the SB last year and Eli won it this year. Congratulations to them both and their family. Mannings have such a rich history and quite a story to carry on.

We left shortly after the game and dropped and picked some stuff up at family and friends homes and headed back to home. We pulled in at 4 this morning and slept in. So the kids stayed home from school today. It is fun to have them around. They are outside playing basketball and having a great time. It is so nice today, so different from 4 days ago. Any ways I am off to do some laundry. Have a great day.

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Julie Anna Poole said...

What crazy weather! We've had blowing snow, but I'm sure it was nothing comparable to what you had! Also, it sounds like you guys are just doing so good and having so much fun. We love you and miss you!