Friday, May 23, 2008

What a Friday!!

Just to start out, today was the first day of SUMMMER for my kids! They are officially out of school. I am so excited for summer, sorry I like having them around and it is so cool to sleep in again! So we had our Doctors appointments today and we had Mike's hearing rechecked and it turned out to be perfect. He has no hearing loss!!! :) Now the listening part...totally failed, but of course what 4 year old do you know that listens???

So after the Doctors we went to Foss Lake with the Arney's. Now I have no pictures of this yet to post, because my camera was not accepting the digital memory card (yeah not so happy about that). But Latitia took a bunch so I will be stealing them off of her blog as soon as she posts them. Poor women has had invasion of the POOLES! She is watching our dog during the next week while we are in Texas and California. I want everyone to know this women is a true SAINT!!

Matt made it in to Texas this evening and we will be leaving tomorrow afternoon. The kids are really excited to see their dad after 2 1/2 weeks of not seeing him. They are going to stay with family, while Matt and I finish up some of the loose ends before our move. We will also be celebrating my parents birthdays next week even though my mothers is today. It will be fun because all of the GIRLS will be home. I am really excited to see my sister Taryn. Let ya know how it goes. I hope to also be able to visit with some friends in TX before we make the CA move.

Well I got tagged by Anna, so here it goes:
How to play this game of tag:
-Post these rules to your blog.
-List 3 joys, 3 fears, 3 goals, 3 current obsessions/collections, and 3 random surprising facts about yourself.
-Tag 5 people at the end of your post by leaving their names.

My Joys
-My wonderful husband, my family, and my friends

My Fears
-Losing my husband and children, my dog biting someone or running away, house cleaning

My Goals
-Learn to house clean, finish my book, loose weight,take some fun classes

Current Obsessions/Collections
-Learning how to manage money, cards/stamps/crafty stuff, blogging

Surprising facts about myself
-I love IMing, The comics are my favorite part of a newspaper, I can totally space out watching TV

I am tagging, Tara, Kaja, Latitia, Mindy, and Marcus

Have fun!!


Kaja said...

thanks for the tag! i'm starting to realize what a strange person i am doing all these self-evaluation type

Julie Anna Poole said...

That is great news about Mike! What a relief I bet that was for you guys! Good luck with the packing and moving...and missing Gabby while you're busy doing it all. AND HOORAY FOR SUMMER VACATION!

Kaja said...

so.....i think it's a time for a new post, don't you? ha! hope everything is going well in california. can't wait to see pictures and hear how you're doing.

Tisha said...

Thanks for the tag! yep you can now pull the picts of the lake off of my site! I hope you like the slide- I love it and I am so missing you!!!! I cried a littel when I saw our picture together! I love you lots- always will and will be talking to you very soon!

Mindy said...

Are you in Cali? Things have been crazy around here. Steph and I both saw where you called us last week or so but we were at the lake all week and reception was horrible. My Great Gma passed away May 31 so I was in AR for two and 1/2 weeks before our week at the lake. THEN Steph's gma (judy's mom) passed away yesterday! Both passings were expected in that both family's had about a week of the gma's being on hospice before they passed. Kinda weird that it happened so close together though! I'll be gone all weekend and Steph's family is getting ready for the funeral on Monday. We will holler at you next week. HUGS!!