Sunday, May 4, 2008

Bowling Night/End of School year programs

My kids have become quite fanatics of bowling while living here in Weatherford, thanks to free passes. We took the Brooks and Cardenas families while they were here and have gone several times since. Erin and Mike's classes went a few times on a field trips. So they have really become quite the "Experts" as a matter of fact Erin beat everyone (even me) last night. Pictures to prove it too. Mikes is the first score,Erin's is second,Erik's third, and mine last! They are doing soooo well!

Erin and Mike also had there end of school year programs which were really cute and well done. Erin's classes had several that performed piano and violin solo's and duets. (Erin didn't want to this year because it scared her, and don't blame her either)But she did sing really well and they had a great time.

Mike was quite entertaining! Nothing like a bunch of 4-5 year olds on stage. They say the funniest things. At the end of one of the songs the singer growled and it sounded like a loud burp and a little girl said,"That's what my daddy sounds like!" All of the adults just died laughing. They were all so cute! Then Mikes class had a half sleep over at the school where they played games had pizza and took their sleeping bags to each of the classrooms and watched movies. He has so much fun!

Erik's stuff is this week so I will update on that.


Julie said...

Hard to believe that the school year is almost over and they will all be another year older. It seems like things have gone well for them in OK this year - we are praying for a good school experience in California for them - but not too good so you'll want to return soon.

Julie Anna Poole said...

All of you could kick my trash in bowling...I really stink. How fun!