Thursday, May 8, 2008

Savor the Oreo's

If anyone knows me, my one weakness is oreo's and cold milk. Well I guess it has been passed on...Mike my third child has my same knack for an oreo attack. It was Tuesday night and I had gone to Walmart to pick up his snack for his class the next day, which was right next to the OREO's, so I grabbed a bag. Can't forget the milk so grabbed a gallon too. Brought everything home and put Mike's class snack in the snack bucket for the next day and set the oreo's and milk on the table in the dinning (DUMB move on my part because I can't see in there from the kitchen) for after dinner and started making dinner. Well about five or so minutes later, I go into the dinning room and the milk is gone and the oreo's have been opened and a whole row of oreo's are gone. I yelled at Erin and Erik why they took the oreo's and that they needed to wait till after dinner. Erin and Erik started complaining that they didn't have the oreo's and why they hadn't gotten any. Danny was sitting in the living room and so I know he didn't have them, but Mike was no where to be found, until I heard a sound from the garage. I went to the garage and opened the door and found Mike with the gallon of milk opened, a cup full of milk and two oreo's left!!!! His milk was almost black, but you could tell he savored everyone of those oreo's in complete peace! He smiled at me with black teeth, it was just to cute, all I could do was laugh and asked him if they were good? He shook his head yes! (To bad he threw them all up later that night, couldn't handle his cookies!!lol) He is just so cute, and now I have some competition.


Julie Anna Poole said...

That is too cute...with the exception of the barfing...barfing is never cute :) Marcus has been on an Oreo kick lately as well, and I have to admit, I certainly haven't minded joining him in it.

Kaja said...

oh my..... renee does the whole gorge/throw up thing, but it's with black olives. explain this to me?!?! haha. oreo's are a much better binge food though.

Marcus J Poole said...

Would you say he tossed his cookies?