Wednesday, May 21, 2008

California or Bust!

Well sorry I haven't posted in a few weeks but we have had a big change in our family. Matt has been given a promotion, which is really good and also gave us the opportunity to move to Bakersfield, CA. Yes that is correct our family is moving again. We have quite enjoyed our short stay in Weatherford, OK and are sad to be leaving such a wonderful place. We have made some really good friends here and can't wait to come back. We found a home and are moving the middle of June. Matt is out there already and staying in a hotel. We sure do miss him and can't wait to see him again. And I really mean see him again. He is working "NORMAL" hours again and has weekends off. It is going to be interesting having him around again. The last two years have been pretty much, just me and the kids. He did have days off but they were far and few between. So this is going to be a nice change. I think the biggest one is for the kids. They won't have any cousins around in CA just my parents and sister. So I am sure they are going to get some serious attention. Also my grandparents and aunts and uncles are all still in the area and everyone is quite excited on my side. (Not so much on Matt's side but they have had us for the this long, so it is time to share, lol) We don't know how long it will be but for now it will work. Let's just hope it is longer than 6 months...I just barely was getting used to everything. It is going to be really hard to leave, but I am so glad we have computers to communicate and keep in close contact.


Kaja said...

i'm so sad you're going... i'm going to be the only crafty lady left - ha! the house you found out there looks AWESOME. so much better than what Weatherford has to offer. If you need help, please let us know!

Julie Anna Poole said...

Well, of course we are going to miss you guys...however...we have yet to live close to one another so what's the difference? :) We are very proud of Matt and excited for your family! We know you'll do just fine making new friends and so will the kids. If you're out there long enough we'd love to visit! After-all, I have an entire side of family that lives in California and we really need to visit them as well. Love you guys and GOOD LUCK!

Trish Hill said...

Glad to see you made it home ok. We are very excited that your family is moving to California!! It will be nice to see the kids grow and change. I know your parents are excited about this new adventure for you, as are we. YEAH!!! Aunt Trish and Uncle Keith