Sunday, September 28, 2008

TILT! and A Great Time

Ok if anyone has ever played a pinball machine, they know what this means. You shake the machine, it messes it up and Tilts on ya. Well I tilted my nervous system yesterday, and put myself on my butt. My Aunt Ali invited us and my parents and sister to Goshen to eat and hang out for the day. We had an absolute blast! Lunch/Dinner was some fantastic ribs and my moms broccoli and cauliflower salad, homemade peach cobbler and ice cream, it was sooo good, yum. So back to the story, well my cousin Lil' Gene went to take me to see a Belgium horse that the neighbors owned. (Beautiful horse by the way) Any how the neighbor came out and came to introduce herself and as she approached the fence, she caught the electric wire and zapped herself. Now if anyone has been around electric fences, ya have to just watch out for them. Nothing big just shocks ya. Well as we were talking the puppy came over and I bent over to pet the little guy and the top of my head caught the electric wire and knocked me on my butt. I didn't even know what hit me, because it didn't hurt and I didn't think I was even close to it. I just thought I had lost my footing. But after a few seconds realized what had happened, (probably from the roars of laughter from my cousin, Erin, and the neighbor asking if I was ok. It was one of the jokes for the rest of the afternoon. We had several and made some really good memories. I am sure Ron, Ali and Lil' Gene are going to be laughin' for days. The kids got to ride the horses, a peddled go cart, with a trailer to pull everyone else,(we have got to get one of those) Jonathan and Erik riding Johnathan's dirt bike, the kids testing the hot wires with their hands (lol) and Danny sweeping everywhere, playing with the puppies and dogs. They were soooo dirty and wore out when we were done. We had to make a pit stop @ walmart and grab some pj's and take baths and Grandma and Grandpa Teves house. The water was Dark Brown from washing them off in the shower. After we left, I think we made it down the block before everyone was out!

So thanks Aunt Ali, Uncle Ron, Lil' Gene and Jonathan for an AWESOME day, and mom and dad for the shower to clean up.

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Kaja said...'re shocking yourself huh? hahaha.... sorry, too great of a story!