Friday, September 26, 2008

Another birtday done gone

Yup I am officially one year older that Matt (even though he will be the same age in a month) but it is the number that counts to him right now. My parents to us to Fresno to watch "Walking with the dinosaurs" It was really cool, the kids absolutely LOVED it. We had a picnic in the parking lot and my cake was Ding Dongs. Yum. So Mike and Dan came home with a Brachiosaurus and a T-Rex. And Erin and Erik got these cool 3-D posters. I was going to post some pictures but they came out really dark and when you try to lighten them they look weird. So make sure you look at the video, because that is what they really looked like and it was soo cool. We had a really good time and if anyone has the chance to go I would highly recommend it.

Matt and went to the L.A. temple on Friday it was really nice. It was kind of fun being back there after oh I think 15 years. I forgot how big it was. They are renovating the Visitors Center so we weren't able to go there, which would have been cool too.

I almost forgot, last Sunday was the Primary program and the kids did really well. They had to do it twice, once for our ward and then for the singles ward. My parents and sister Carrie came. Danny didn't do his part the first go around but he did it the second time. They really had a good time. I think the theme was Following the Example of Jesus Christ. Not sure, but that was what came across to me the most.

Well enough of a catch up and sorry about the no pictures but they really did come out bad. To dark and no flash, I need to learn to be a better photographer.

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Tara Brooks said...

You need to go on a 2nd or 3rd Saturday of the month and look for my parents. They are temple workers on those days.