Thursday, September 4, 2008


Today was a really fun day for me and Danny. We went and volunteered in Eriks class. It was soo much fun. What was funny was that all of the kids said Erik and Danny don't look like me. LOL, so even more proof that the kids are Matt's! We painted and played Heads up 7up, which I haven't played since oh 7th grade on a rainy day in CA when we couldn't go outside (which is rare)! But it was fun.

Erin also went to Achievement Day's for the first time here. They took the summer off and so this is the "End of Summer" bash for them. She was just excited to get to go play with some friends!

Mike rode the bus today and I think the kids are going to ride from here on out. They get off a block from the house and they can all walk home together, except for Wednesdays, which they will get home at different times. He felt like such a big boy riding the bus!! I will have to take some pictures.

This weekend we are going to go pick grapes at the church farm in Fresno and on Saturday Matt, Erin, and Erik are going to Monteray to go Deep Sea Fishing with Grandpa Teves. It will be neat to see the pictures. Me and the little boys are going to be doing some Proposition 8 calls. Most of the ward is going to be walking with other denominational churches on the 6th. We also have the "Linus Project" that evening finishing up the quilts for the community.

Things are getting busy, but we are still thoroughly enjoying our pool on a daily basis. High was 101!!


Anna said...

Sounds like things are getting busy but going well. Connor would be insanely jealous that your kids get to ride a school bus!

I am happy that life seems good for you guys in California. Keep enjoying it!

P.S. I love heads up 7 up

Julie said...

As always, Dawn, you get yourself right into the middle of many wonderful things. Hug the kids for me and we will be excited to hear about the fishing expedition.

And yes, we played heads up 7up in school - ages ago, but I can't remember exactly what to do - I remember it was heads down on desks with your hand in a fist and you thumb up and the person who was it touched 7 thumbs or something like that.

I read a neat little newspaper article on activities to get kids more active in a day and I'll have to post those thoughts somewhere.