Sunday, September 28, 2008

Fun night with the "M" Kids

We had the privilege of have three of the Montgomery kids stay the night at our house on Friday. My kids had an absolute blast! They live around the block from us and it was the first time they got to come over. My kids have been begging for days to have them come over, so it was really cool when they got to stay the night too. They went swimming first (yup can still do that here in CA, because it is so stinkin' hot still) and then came in and realized that they forgot clothes to change into. So Matt piled all of the kids into the truck and went and got the stuff and the all night party was on!! They played, watched movies and goofed off. We finally got them bedded down, Girls in Erin's room all with stuffed horses to sleep with (found out they loved horses just as much as Erin) and the older boys camped out under Erik's bed (who knows why) and the little guys on the bunks. (They actually feel asleep) Morning was more swimming, cartoons and yellow and blue pancakes by request from Kate (such a cutie, who just turned a big 6!)! We walked them home around 10, which I'm sure was so funny to see, and entourage of 7 kids and me carryinging different sleep over things. We had a blast, and were all sad to send them home and can't wait for them to come and play again.


Wendy said...

Hey Dawn! Thanks for having my kids on Friday. That was awesome of you, they had a GREAT time! I know Tom enjoyed the peace and quiet after the twins were in bed, too! Kate was especially excited about the yellow and blue pancakes. You spoiled them and they loves it. Thanks again :)

homegirl said...

Thanks for stopping by! It's so fun to read your blog and get to know you better!

NYC Adventure said...

hey there! what the heck were you searching for when you found my blog? lol. well its good to hear from you. sounds like life is going great! I still remember that you were my favorite primary chorister!