Monday, February 18, 2008


We have had some really interesting weather the last few days as you can see by the pictures. The ice is from Saturday and the sunsets with the windmills are from today. Absolutely gorgeous outside. Sunday was cold also.

This has been quite and eventful weekend. We had our Valentine's dinner/movie party on Saturday which was really nice. Matt brought me a card and No Reservations for Valentines, which is such a good movie. Cooking, kissing and a happy ending what more could you ask for. I gave him his gift a week ago, because I was so impatient and I had to give it to him. I just couldn't wait. I know silly but it was still fun. The kiddos got a special valentine's treat from their cousin Conner and Aunt Anna, Uncle Marcus, Bevo and Hemi. They about died from the sugar high, but you know they LOVED it. We also received calls from the Grandparents with Valentine's wishes too. It is sooo nice to have phones and internet today. It is so nice to be able to be in contact with them in an istant.

On Sunday Matt and I gave talks in church. My topic was gratitude and his was on tithing. I also had my class to teach and made them journals which turned out really cute thanks from ideas from splitcoast stampers website. Love that place. The kids really loved them. It is so nice having a class of 4! The opening NASCAR race at Daytona was also on Sunday. I watched the opening ceremonies and the first few laps then sleep deprevation kicked in and I had to go take a nap. Newman one and bet out Tony on the last lap (YEAH) I still haven't decided who I am going to cheer for this year since I have been banned from cheering for Denny Hamlin. I like both Jimmy Johnson, and Jeff Gordon, but those have been really over run in our families, so I was leaning more toward Casey Mears. He is from Bakersfield, CA near where I grew up and he is in the permitable cheering crew of Hendrick motorsports. We'll see. I will probably watch a few more races to decide.

And talking about races, I have my race in a couple of weeks which I am really nervous about. I am on week 5 of my training and boy is it tough. I will only be in the middle of week seven of training when it is suppose to happen so I am going to do the required part and walk the rest. They warned us not to go any faster in the program (like I could) so I am readily taking the advice. I have a couple more towards the end of summer that I will hopefully be more prepared for (and lighter). It is nice just to have the challange to keep me motivated.

The kids didn't have school today and so they played a lot outside and enjoyed sleeping in this morning. FHE was fun too. The lesson was on lying, big topic around our house. Everything is that someone else did it. But it will get better hopefully fingers crossed. We went to piano and both are doing well. The little boys so enjoy going there just to play. I have a few pictures of that too.

Well before I forget last week I was tagged by one of my friends (thanks Mindy) to share my middle name and words that start with the letters that describe me so here it goes:

S-Social Butterfly-I love talking to people and it is fun finding all kinds of neat stuff out about people
H-Happy-It is so much better to be happy.
E-Entertaining-just ask my bunko buddies, who I miss very much.
R-Reader-I love reading books
E-Energetic-I can be this most of the time especially if I am doing something fun.
E-Enough with the E's already
N-Naps- I so much enjoy my Sunday cat naps! I know that contradicts the energetic, but my body has to catch up some time.

So to tag someone else it would have to be my sister-in-law Anna! Go for it!

Well I am tired!!! So off to bed.


Julie Anna Poole said...

I'm glad your party went off so well. Your blog looks great with the new colors and that cool picture. I told Marcus yesterday, after looking at all the pictures you posted on the myfamily site, that I think I would love Weatherford...there's just something about beautiful little farming towns. Anyway, LOVE YOU GUYS!

Mindy said...

Are these the pics Erin took? I love the ice trees. I am making SURE we do not schedule any appointments the Friday we go to Canton! Wish you were going!!! Sure you can't sneak away for even one night???? Miss soon.