Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines Day

Well today is definatly an interesting one. Matt was gone by 4:30 this morning, mind you he came home at 12:30 last night. Erik started throwing up around 1:30. I am trying to finish my talk for Sunday, planning the Valentine's Ward Party Dinner/Movie,Lesson for Sunday school and Missionaries coming on Friday and Matt leaving for 2 weeks on Monday to Arkansas :(. Thank heavens I have really good help with the Valentine's party. And everything else will fall into place. Erin and I went to the doctor yesterday in OKC and totally got lost!! I haven't told Matt, but we took the loop around OKC and finally called and got directions. But it went well and we went to Hobby Lobby afterwards (such a candy store for me, oh I could spend sooooo much money there) It was fun hanging out with Erin. The kids all made hand made valentine's for their classmates and we finished those last night. We started them on Monday at FHE and went to Ms. Mary's to cut out the die's for it from sizzix's design's. (Yeah one more thing I want to get from Hobby Lobby) I took Erik's into school for him (he was so sad to miss the party) Michael's class did a cool thing instead of having a party for the class they went to the nursing home and had valentine's with them. They go once a month to read with them, but they decided to do it a week early and celebrate! Matt and I will celebrate on Saturday (hopefully) at the dinner. We had our first date on Saturday last week with Nick and Kendra. Oh they were so much fun! We had a really good time at dinner. The movie was horrible!!! But we still had a great time. Well I have to get some things done, can't be on the computer all day.

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Julie Anna Poole said...

Poor Erik!!! Sounds like you're having a very BUSY BUSY BUSY Valentines's Day (Matt too). WE LOVE YOU GUYS LOTS! Good luck on the party (I'm sure it will work out great) and way to go super-mom!!!...Handmade Valentines?! Wow!