Sunday, February 24, 2008

A Good Man Lost

My dad called last week to tell of some very sad news. A family that we became close to when I was a child lost a second child on the 8th of Feburary, in Iraq fighting for the freedom of others and the continued freedom and safety of ours. His name is Timothy Martin. I knew him as Tim a quite child, but very smart and observant. My sister Carrie was one of the older daughters best friends before she passed away of Luekemia in 1990. Bryna was a very remarkable young women, she had the strength of her father and the sweetness of her mother. Tim and his other sister Alisa were very close and depended on each other very much. Growing up in the country does that to you in a way because there is really no one else to play with. Lucy and Tony were very quite and reserved people, but were always so kind and our family loved being around them. My fondest memory is going to their home and walking in and smelling the sweet smell of bread or fresh milk. Lucy's yard was full of rose bushes and I loved looking at the different flowers. After the passing of Bryna it was my Senior year in High School and I didn't see much of the family. My parents still kept in close contact with them. I hadn't heard much about them and didn't know who was doing what. So when my dad told me the news I was shocked. Tim was in my mind still a boy running around in the back yard. It triggers so many emotions at once and my heart goes to Tony and Lucy. I am proud of Tim and I know he is catching up with Bryna now. I am sorry for their loss from the pain of lossing another child. There are several articles about him in the news papers from home. He touched many lives and will always be remembered.

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Julie Anna Poole said...

That's sad Dawn...I can only imagine how hard it must be on any parents to lose two of their children.