Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's dinner

A friend of mine (Tara) sent me some really cool ideas for a great April Fool's dinner. My kids absolutely were in shock. Erik's face was the best when he tried the peas (which are his favorite veggies) It was really funny when Erin did her normal pouting routine about having to eat the peas and carrots (aka flavored tootsie rolls). It was great when she tried them and said hey these aren't peas, they are really good! LOL. She of course asked for extra gravy on her mashed potatoes and meat loaf (aka ice cream and cocoa rice crispes w/ carmel as the gravy) They had no idea. Erik was even asking for extra chocolate pie (aka meat loaf w/ pink mashed potatoes as the icing). Then I asked if they wanted water (aka invisible koolaide) Oh Matt and I got the biggest kick when they started eating stuff!!! So what was dinner was actually dessert and dessert was dinner. They loved it! Thanks Tara!

Also we had Michaels first soccer game yesterday and it was so cute to see the kids in mass try to kick the ball around the little field. Then watch all of them lose interest about 2/3 way through the game. It was so funny the kids would just run off the field to visit with their parents. Or go get a drink or a snack. Matt was able to come see the game so we got some cute pics of the guys. We did learn one thing you need a jacket around here at night, the wind seems to always pick up in the evening and it gets cold.


Kaja said...

what a cute idea for april fool's - i'll have to try that next year!

Tisha said...

You are such a fun mom- would you be mine? Hee hee! I love it and I may have to try this one next year!!

Julie Anna Poole said...

Dawn, the website I was telling you about the other night that allows you to turn your blog into a book is www.blurb.com . It was fun talking to you!