Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Wild and Crazy Saturday

We had the Stephanie and Erin Elizabeth (to know the difference between my Erin) (and is pronounced Erininzbeth by Mike just to let you know) over Friday night and Saturday. Matt had the day off and after the soccer games Matt and I were to go into OKcity and go to the temple (which got nixed because the temple closed at 3 and my Erin's last soccer game was at three) So Matt and I decided to stay home and just have fun (AKA the NBA playoffs were on)So for starters during the break in between soccer games we decided to work on the sprinkler system. Which worked out pretty well, except getting a little wet. We only have a couple of things to fix. So after that we left for the soccer games which was really fun. Erik's team won and Erin's team lost by one. The records are for Erin's team 4 wins/5 losses. Erik's team 8 wins/1 loss. They are really enjoying playing and making so many new friends. So after the games we went back home to wait for Latitia and Tyler to come over. (Latitia was going to help Steph watch our kids while her son got ready for Prom here in Weatherford after his track meet, while we went to the Temple, but that didn't work out as explained above.) They live in Custer City and the Prom was here and so was his date Eva. So our house became the go between which was SOOO cool. Well when they came they had an extra with them (Kelsey) and all of them were kinda pink from the sun. As the evening wore on poor Latitia became VERY RED!!!
But during the time from Tyler getting ready to go the girls, kids, daddy, me and Latitia put the front flower bed back together. Well some of us did, some of us thought an all out Dirt fight would be so much better. Nothing like black teeth! Steph's and Kelsey had to go take showers there was so much dirt on them and in their mouths (yuck) It was really funny and the people driving by were just laughing. So just as we were finishing up Eva drove up with her mom looking absolutely gorgeous. Tyler was looking dashing when we came in. They made such a cute couple. We took a few 1000 pics!! Then they drove them over to SWOSU to watch the prom parade. (Another neat thing they do here in Weatherford) They set up bleachers to the entrance of prom and roll out the red carpet and the parents or friends of the attendees get to watch everyone go in. And they announce you as you get out of your vehicles. Cool or what?!? Then after Prom they have a Prom party from 1-4 a.m. They have everyone go home and change and have events all night for them and prises, including two cars. It was busy but boy we had a lot of fun. One bit of bad news though, because I MADE Matt work in the front yard it jinxed the Mavericks and they lost to New Orleans. Sorry babe and hope the next game they will win.

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