Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Are they Twins?

Well it is now that time of the year where both of the boys are the same age. It is so much fun to reply that they are 4 when people ask how old they are. "Oh are they twins?" I smile and reply no they are 10 months apart, that usually is where I get the best reactions! Hey just think of my reaction when Matt and I found out!!! Any how just a funny for the day. Hope everyone is doing well and enjoying today!


Julie Anna Poole said...

I love it! I remember when I first met Marcus (you guys had just BARELY had Dan) and he told me he had nephews that were ten months apart. I didn't realize he meant that both the nephews were from the same family and therefore brothers! When I found that out I remember just laughing and feeling so bad for you guys. Although I never hope to have to take care of two babies that close together, I do think it is SO COOL that you will always have two little boys that will probably be the best of friends their whole lives.

We LOVE those little twins!

P.S. The best part is how much they really do actually look like twins!

Cotton Queen said...

it's the POOLE genes. Watch out they tend to dominate!!! lol

Julie Anna Poole said...
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