Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Danny Boy take II

Ok if any of you read my post a from Monday, let me say this is a total repeat! Instead though he startled me by coming in our room and saying, "Mommy my tummy is growling" (he ate 5 tacos for dinner! He should be STUFFED!) So me being in a half dazed state, asked why is your tummy growling. He said, "Because it needs food." Matt and I just busted up laughing! So in the video is the after math of being woken up AGAIN and finding the living room light on and him sitting on the floor playing. So we took the chance for blackmail purposes and possible future advantages for his possible future wife to be aware of certain tendencies he had as a child. LOL


Tara Brooks said...

You are the nicest mom EVER!!!
I wouldn't have broken out the camera and giggled. I would have womped their butts and put them back to bed with the threat of losing their life. Ok....maybe not that extreme, but close!

Cotton Queen said...

That was when we were putting him to bed three hours earlier at 9!! We threaten him within an inch of his life. He goes to sleep and then wakes up, and to him he has obeyed us because he went to sleep. It just isn't for the whole night!!!

pianomom said...

Hey Dawn. I just found your blog on Wendy's. Do you know Kristen Whatcott?(You have her blog listed on yours) I grew up with her. Small world.