Saturday, October 4, 2008

This is a combo post

I just got some batteries for my camera and was able to down load a few photos so this is going to be a combo explanation of things.
The first picture is of a shot we got driving to go see Matt at work. They were just trotting along. It was funny to hear Danny holler as they went by his window, Look mommy my size horses!! Mommy my size. I need one my size.

And Erik's new glasses...

The first is a series of photos from the Tulare County Fair. The kids and I took a ride on the BIG Ferris wheel and the shots are from the top of it looking out over the fair and down at Grandpa Voa Teves and Matt. The shot of me is actually working a ban saw trying to cut out a dove (LOL) It looked more like a warped bunny rabbit. The kids on the rides at the fair, the free fall one is the best. And yes if you think the kids on the dragon ride look bored, it is because they were, wouldn't you after 10 minutes on that ride (NO JOKE 10 minutes!!) Then of course the animals and a huge pig, and the boys on a John Deere.

After that is the night Matt and I went to the temple and Alex came over to babysit for us, and Erin found the camera. Little does she know what blackmail purposes this has for future use! Whaaaahhahaha (that was definitely an evil laugh)

Then our FHE of traditions in the family, and the importance of passing them on. Yum I love FHE's with this kind of kick!! Of course there was also the tradition of the proper cooking technique, proper snitching technique, and eating of them too. We taught them well!!! So proud of ourselves!

The last part is my birthday gift and the dinosaur outing, I went through the pics and got the best ones I could. My sister downloaded a few more pics and I have to post them also along with the day at my Aunt Ali's, so be looking for them.

Have fun watching!

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