Sunday, March 2, 2008

Weekend Excitement

Ok, Matt was gone till Wednesday and so it has been pretty interesting without him here. We had a lot of activities to keep us busy (keeping the boys out of trouble) so it was a little easier to manage things. A lot of people are like that here so everyone really understands. It is just part of the business.

But this weekend was interesting, we found out some friends of ours from Little Elm had moved here in August! Well they just had their third baby on Thursday and her parents are up for the week and her sisters came up for the weekend so we went out to dinner with them on Friday. We had such a great time with them and were so glad to have them over for a nice visit.

So now that they know where we are and we know where they are I am sure there are going to be a few more visits. Plus her husband works in the same business so it will be easy for us to get together.

We are reading a new book for the month of March which I am really excited about on Temples. It is amazing that I am reading a lot more. I have also got a bunch of books checked out right now from our awesome library (it is so huge) on gardening. We are going to try to do a community garden in our backyard. (Lots of planning so we will see how it goes.)

Card swap went really well. I need to take pictures and get them posted. We had a really good time and we have a few new members. It is taking a while to get it going but I know it will be in full swing soon. I am so sad though in a couple of weeks is a weekend get a way in Canton that I really wanted to go to, but with stuff going on I can't come down. But to make up for a couple days before that we have some friends coming to visit. We are so excited and Erin is so thrilled to have one of her best friends here.

Believe it or not it is going to snow tomorrow! We have wind gusts right now between 40 to 60 mph. There were several tornado warning/watches just to the East of us. But the crazy thing about it is that it was 75 degrees here this morning!!! It is unreal! So hopefully I can post the kids in their hats that Aunt Trish made them for Christmas. I accidently erased them off the camera and need to reado them and send them off. It will be really cool and authentic if I take them tomorrow in the snow.

This Saturday is the RACE. I am excited and nerveous. This one I am not Running in, just walking and jogging. I hope by December I will be prepared to run the 5K down in Texas that my friend Mindy told me about. Her son and husband are suppose to be in it to. We have been doing walks for the last 3 years now here and there. It will be neat to compete. This one is for cancer. The others we will probably be racing/walking for Relay for Life under Turtle Girls. If any of you who read would like to donate let me know and I will get you the info.

The kids are doing their jump a thon this week for heart awareness. They are so excited and have gone around the neighborhood collecting donations. It is fun to watch them practice at home.

By the way the basketball hoop and basketball that we got Erik for his birthday, now belong to Danny, just ask him. He loves to play with Erik and it is so fun to watch them play together. I can't wait to get some pictures of them playing. Danny is so funny when the kids are at school he will go grab the ball and just sit on the couch with it and watch cartoons, then go out and play for a bit then come back in with the ball and sit and go back out. It is so funny.

Other news for any of you who know my boys they love John Deere anything. Well on Thursday Mike got his first pair of John Deere boots. (he grew out of his other boots, which danny has taken full position of). You would have thought that he had died and gone to heaven. He called his dad first, then Voa Teves. I don't think either one of them understood a word he was saying because he was talking so fast. But I think they got the gist that he got John Deere boots. I will also have to get a shot of them too.

Boy I have a lot of pictures to take. Anyhow it is getting late and I will get the pictures on probably tomorrow.

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Julie Anna Poole said...

It always sounds like your life is full and exciting! I am so happy every time I read one of your posts and find out that your kids seem to be doing great as well as you and Matt. I'm sure you both are as busy as can be, but I'm impressed by your great attitude and enthusiasm about it all. Love you guys!