Monday, March 31, 2008

Offical Soccer Mom

Well it is official, I am a soccer mom. It is so interesting the all of the planning that goes into being one. Making sure everyone gets to practice, games, and keeping up with all of the other stuff. Then Saturday...holy cow. When I signed the kids up I thought it would be all intercollegiate, I didn't realize it was a traveling team!!! So each of the kids are in different cities at different times. Michael's games are a little easier because they are all at a specific time, but on different days of the week, so once again coordinating rides, schedules and snacks. They are having fun, which is what it is all about.

Stats from Saturdays game:

Erik's first game they won 7-0 and Erik made one goal. He played all of the different positions. Second game they won 7-4, and Erik made one goal for the other team. LOL, he was playing goalie and was backing up to kick the ball and he stepped over the line before kicking the ball with out realizing it. Poor guy didn't have a clue what he did wrong (neither did anyone else till the ref explained it) But they did play really well and had a blast.

Erin's first game they lost 1-3, but they played really well. The girls had so much fun just learning how to play. Her second game was cancelled, but rescheduled for this Tuesday.

Mike's first game is tonight!! How he has been carrying on you would think he is having a HUGE game...professional soccer championship (he refused to take his new soccer cleats on Saturday and wore his jersey all weekend) I had to bribe him to get it off him to wash it for tonight. LOL

The slide show also has some really good friends of our from Colorado that used to live in Little Elm. They are such an awesome family and we were so glad that they were able to stop by and see us. We ate lunch at Braums and headed out to lake Hefner for the kids to get all of that EXTRA energy out. It was really windy so it was cold, which the day before it was upper 80's so quite a contrast. We got some really cute shots of them. And Conner took some really good pics of us older kids!! They moved up to Colorado about 2 years ago so it was really neat to see the younger two. They are such cuties and have sure grown a lot since we last saw them.

April Fool's is tomorrow and thanks to Tara I have a great plan in place for tricky meals tomorrow. It should be fun and I promise to take pictures of it. By the way some of our family pictures that Tara took are on her blog at I should be picking up the disk this weekend so I will be able to add some of the others that were not posted. Yeah and don't laugh at the one of me upside down...I was having fun...and Tara did it too, she just didn't post it. Hmmm I wonder why.

We also had some fun weather last night while the Arney's were over for dinner. We had hail the size of quarters and lots of it. The pictures turned out really cool. So if you are wondering that is why I have two slide shows this time. Enjoy.

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