Sunday, March 9, 2008

My first 5K!

Well I did it. My first 5K. Tough enough Relay for Life, for cancer. Ok I didn't run it, I walked most of it, jogged a few blocks, but it was soooooo cold that I couldn't get warmed up (18 degrees). But it was fun and next time I should be ready to jog the whole thing. I will be done with my training with couch to 5K in 9 weeks. I am only in my 6th week, where my workout is a walking warm up of 5 min and jogging for 20 min. It has been a lot of work so far and really hard, but fun too. I do like the races I can participate in that the proceeds go to cancer or leukemia. There are teams that I am signing up for in the next races. I can't wait!!

Erin also made the newspaper and I am trying to find the link to it so as soon as I do I will post it. Her class did a science fair and they did a really good job and made the front page!! I am really proud of her.

Well got to get dinner on before the family chat tonight.


Tara Brooks said...

I am SUPER impressed! (and a bit jealous...from couch to 5k, I'm still on the couch side of that ruler). hee hee!
Can't wait to see you this weekend~!

Mindy said...

YOU GO GIRL! I am super proud of you! I know we have been hit and miss on the phone yesterday and today. Our phones are acting really screwy. Wish you were going on the retreat. BUT.....I am already looking at setting a date for may or june! Email me any dates during that time that you KNOW are already out. The weekend before first monday is out both months because of Trade Days. But, that leaves us with at least 6 to choose from. I haven't looked at the calendar yet to see if we might be lucky and have a 7th in there as well. YOU WILL be going on this one! One way or the other:)

Ok, I'm going to pack. Really. I am:)

Downs Family said...

Way to go!! That is so cool that you did the race. keep up the work.