Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Easter Egg Wars

We had a really great Easter this year. We had some friends visit from Texas and really enjoyed the fun commercial side of Easter and the spiritual side. We did so many things and really enjoyed each others company.

They came Friday around noon so the first field trip was off to Carl's Jr's. YUMMMM! We went to the park afterwards and enjoyed doing silly stuff. Matt was actually off for the weekend so it was so much fun being all together. We then went BOWLING!!! Yup and Tara kicked our butts to the curb!! She has picture proof of this...I didn't bring my camera. The "Big" kids had their own lane and had a great game too. Danny and I took a sliding trip down the lane and ate wood! Man I totally forgot how slick those lanes are. It was totally funny, just ask the ones laughing at us!

Saturday-We had easter themed breakfast with multi colored pancakes. Forgot to take pictures again (of course) but they were pink, yellow, green, and blue. They really turned out really cute. We took family pictures and did an Easter Egg hunt at a local church. Our friends oldest daughter actually one a big prize of a digital camera (funny since her mom is a photographer). The kids were so cute finding eggs and they all did really well. Lots of candy, which adds sooooooooo much energy to a house full of 9 kids!! After pictures we went to CJ's again and it was so good! I can't get enough of the place and glad they feel the same way, I guess it just runs in the CA girls blood. LOL. For dinner we hit an awesome place called Jiggs for dinner. The meat just melts in your mouth. My dad's deep pit now has some real competition. We decorated eggs after dinner, Tara is going to have to post those pictures, but I guess you can get an idea of what they ended up as from the pictures. But she has the actual process. For dessert Tara made an awesome cookie, sour cream, cream cheese, strawberry, mandarin orange, and chocolate dessert, oh so fat and full after dinner!! We then made the Easter cookies with the kids (which didn't turn out very well, they were flat, but hollow, so it kind of worked, didn't mix it long enough, the guys were complaining about the noise)

Sunday was the best. We went to church, and really enjoyed the talks and lessons. I did my lesson for my kids on the 12 Easter Egg Story, thanks Aunt Marcy for getting me the info again. I still can't find my other one...but it was really fun teaching the lesson. The older kids really enjoyed going on a actual "Easter Egg Hunt". Even when they are teenagers it helped to have something different on the story of Easter. They gave beautiful testimonies of their faith in Christ at the end. We came home after church and the Easter Bunny left a note for the kids for an Treasure Hunt for their Easter Baskets. So watching all 8 run around the house trying to figure out the clues was really cute. (Tara and I stayed up till 3 helping the Easter Bunny, we were wiped out the next day. LOL) Egg Wars began after that. Tara ended up the winner with the "Rock" we had some really good competitors this year. I think Resa's lasted the longest and finally fell to the "Jimmy Johnson" egg of Erik. It was pretty fun. The egg sauce sandwiches were so good. Dinner was later on and we relaxed. They took off around 8. It was sad to see them go, but we had so much fun and enjoyed every minute this weekend.

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Julie Anna Poole said...

Sounds like you guys had SO MUCH FUN! I bet it was nice to have Matt home the entire weekend as well as have friends there visiting! We can't wait for our turn to come visit Oklahoma! Love you guys.