Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Spring FEVER!!

Boy spring is just around the corner and things have started blooming around here already. With the kids being out for spring break it just adds to the FEVER. So we cleaned out the garage and washed the windows, which turned out to be such a bigger job than I thought. The windows had a film on them and I actually had to use Comet to get them clean.

We are starting our garden which we as a family have turned it into a community garden so that we don't have any wasted and with the cost of produce lately it will be quite nice to have some. I just hope it will turn out?? First time gardening in OK and I didn't have to much success in TX because the yard was so small and it planting in the flower beds was hard to plan.

We have had friends over for the last few nights, (can you say black bags under the eyes...). The slumber parties are so much fun for the kids. They play such funny games and the food these guys eat!!!! Taking them over to the YMCA helps with the chaos...swimming for a few hours helps calm them down so they actually go to sleep around 1 or 2 at the latest. They loved the neon green eggs and pancakes we made for St. Patricks day...sorry no pictures. I didn't even think about it, I am so bad at that.

But I did get pictures of the Easter Egg hunt we did in Foss, OK. Talk about GORGEOUS area! We are going to camping there for our ward camp out. The kids had so much fun. This was Danny's first Egg Hunt, because we usually hunt for candy at Grandma and Bapa's. He was giving his away to the kids around him. LOL. But he caught on pretty quickly though. All of the kids had a great time. It was really neat how they had it set up, and to start they had a count down with a huge horn going off! It was over in like 1 minute! And lots of goodies. We have another two this weekend!!!

The nice the thing is that Matt will be off this weekend! Yeah me! We are suppose to have friends come up this weekend and it will we be fun to do all of the Easter activities with them. The kids are so excited to set up the tent, they were suppose to be here last weekend, but things came up (like Matt going out of town) that we had to change it to this weekend. So it really worked out really well. Can't wait!

We also had book club last night. We read Temple Worship. It was a very deep book. I am sure as most of us pointed out several times that we are going to be reading this book several times over. It was just nice to hang around the kitchen and get our gab on and eat cheesecake! Yumm!

Well off to play with the kids. Enjoy and can't wait to hear from all of you!

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Tara Brooks said...

You just said that your hubby left to make us feel better for not coming because we weren't feeling well. Well, no sickies (other than some lingering coughs...but those never go away in our house). So plan to be up all Friday and Saturday night. We'll be there Friday morning.