Thursday, March 20, 2008

Kids at play

My kiddos have been taking advantage of the days in between the rain and cold by going out side and playing baseball. It is so much fun (until someone hits someone with the bat, we've had some pretty good goose eggs!) They have learned to be careful with them, thank heavens!

Danny is still obsessed with trains. He had put this one together pretty much by himself and was running it. Now if anyone knows anything about trains you have to be very precise about putting the train on the track so that it will run. For a 3 year old, it is amazing to watch him work. He concentrates very well, even though it is on just this one thing. LOL. So enjoy the pictures!


Julie Anna Poole said...

Cute slideshow! Is that your back yard? It's huge!

Cotton Queen said...

Yes and we love it, so do the kids. It is so nice to see them outside playing!